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  1. ThatHurtsMyHead, Thanks for the shout out. Yes, I have been truly loving life lately with only 2 clusters in one month!!! Yes it would take a whole lot more than a Presidents Pak to do anything to Politicians. I would really look into this product. If you don't like your results after the first month, it is a 100 PERCENT Money Back Guarantee!
  2. Here is the link to those two videos: http://www.isagenix.com/en-US/Isamovie#cat=weightLoss&vid=9jeIL82Of9I http://www.isagenix.com/en-US/Isamovie#cat=healthyAging&vid=x1zw6uRxKYU
  3. Chfather, that is a great idea. I didn't post any links or go into much detail because I do not want anyone to think I am here trying to sell anything. The nutritional program is through Isagenix, which is all natural and organic. There are different packs you can pick to get started. I got started with the Weight Loss and Cleanse President's Pak. Here is a link to it: http://thegreenbarn.isagenix.com/en-US/products/categories/systems-and-paks/presidents-pak I can not even begin to rant about how much better I feel on top of cutting most of my clusters out. Also, go to www.isamovie.com and
  4. Hey Everyone, I have been away from this board for quite some time. I hope everyone is doing well and hopefully had some PF times. Before I write what I want to tell you guys, please make sure to note that I, in no way, am stating I have found an answer. All I am writing is about the personal success I have found in hopes that it may help at least one of you with your clusters. I started eating only organic in hopes of helping out my clusters, sadly there was only a small cutback on my daily clusters. Even after 6 consecutive months of doing this. And by eating organic, I mean stuffing a nu
  5. Automotive grade nitrous oxide Automotive grade nitrous oxide is used in car racing. To discourage recreational use of this type of nitrous oxide, it is mixed with sulphur dioxide, which is very unpleasant to inhale and can be harmful to the lungs. Automotive grade nitrous oxide should not be inhaled. That is what I found on automotive nitrous oxide
  6. The kind you buy for your car is not the same as medical grade, or whip cream cans. Please don't go buy car nitrous oxide and inhale it!!! If you ever want to really mix it up, take a hit of nitrous oxide while on a mushroom trip...
  7. I have read a few posts on a place south of florida where they make a special tea. Where is this place and what conversation is it in on this site? Thank you
  8. Before I found my vibrator and the relief that has brought me, I was always running in extreme pain to the shower. There I would stand as close to the shower head, with it hitting the back of my head at full temperature. That was my every night for about 4 years. When I started dating my now wife, I would stay the night with her since she lived out of town and her roommate would always ask why I would take long showers at 2am every night. haha the luxuries of being a cluster head. It never aborted a headache, but chugging a monster while standing under the shower head always seemed to make it
  9. Chfather, the silver bullet is just the name of the simple vibrators. It's a small silver sort of bullet shaped vibrator. You could say it has been my silver bullet for fighting these. I go in panic mode if I don't have it with me when the beast strikes. Here is a link to one like I us: http://www.amazon.com/Vibrating-Silver-Bullet-Teardrop-Controller/dp/B00BLDTXU8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1369070701&sr=8-1&keywords=silver+bullet
  10. Hey Chris I am so sorry you are struggling with this Demon. I don't know if this method will help you but it sure has for me. I bought a little silver bullet vibrator and when I am awoken by the beast, I chug a monster and put the vibrator on my sinus, eyeball, back of head, temple, and anywhere else that may help the pain. It has made a world of difference for me, in being able to bear the pain. I pray this helps you find some sort of relief.
  11. Thanks Defectiv for the insight. I am hoping for the best and will keep everyone updated on my busting success.
  12. Thanks Bejeeber and b.g.! I was wondering when someone was going to answer. Well I am hoping I will be in the fortunate group of people to achieve extended pain free days. Bejeeber it makes sense what you said about Hipshot and the opiates. I busted with smaller doses about 4 times and did not achieve any real results. Well I was also taking daily opiates so that may(probably) be a blocker to busting. Well Last weekend I took a large dose and had an amazing time. I noticed a few days this week with no headaches and it was wonderful. I will bust again tonight, another large dose, and hopefully
  13. How many of the chronic cluster sufferers have had significant results with using Vit M to bust? I am a chronic sufferer and am really just starting to truly bust every week. I am hoping to get some real relief and wanted to take a survey to see how many of us chronics there are that have succeeded in long times of pain free.
  14. That is great! Keep us posted on your progress to getting this done!
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