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  1. freester

    Dr. Todd Rozen

    What is sodium oxybate? I’ve never heard of it
  2. I’ve been on Emgality for a few months and my chronic ch have worsened. The drug has done nothing. I’m glad I’m getting it for free. I guess you get what you pay for. I am very disappointed. This was supposed to be the savior. Now I have to keep waiting for BOL. which may never be available. Ugh
  3. freester

    Making busting more pleasant

    Hiking is great, but not alone. Go with a close friend. Valium or Xanax is key. I don't think changing or lowering the dose will decrease the anxiety. Vigorous exercise is also helpful.
  4. most cataract surgery nowadays is done without a nerve block under topical ansthesia although IV sedation is given. One of the IV drugs could have triggered your Clusters
  5. freester

    Cervical spine botox

    Hi Dan, I'm glad this is working for you. I would like to try it, but I need to know the exact locations where the injections were given. Do you think your doctor could specify in medical terminology exactly where and how much botox was given? Thanks a ton, Kev
  6. I just bought a new grinder and I put the seeds in and I started to grind and the handle broke off. I need a high quality device that will turn the seeds into a fine powder. Any suggestions?
  7. I have severe GERD. I have even had prior surgery for GERD. I have been taking a PPI in the morning and Zantac in the evening for years. Unfortunately this does nothing for my chronic clusters. Zantac is an H2 blocker and drugs like promethazine block both H1 and H2 and also affect dopamine receptors.
  8. freester

    next step LSD

    Hi Sergical81, I'm an anxious type also. I take LSD for my CH when I can get it, since it works best. I also take valiium or xanax with it. The setting that you dose in is very important. I would recommend being outside hiking with a close friend on a beautiful day.
  9. freester

    Tumor Necrosis Factor

    I believe Prednisone inhibits TNF. Is the mechanism known of how Prednisone works for CH? Prednisone is the most effective treatment for CH although its use is limited due to severe side effects. Prednisone like Remicade and Enbrel is an immunosuppressant.
  10. I get very congested with my cycles and I tend to use nasal steroid sprays. Does anyone have any experience or info?
  11. freester

    testerone supplimentation

    Hi Bob, Glad to hear you're doing well and its been too long since we spoke. Is there any evidence that the Clomid caused Peyronies disease?
  12. freester


    i am chronic and I tried Botox along with everything else. The first night after the injections I slept pf the whole night. The beast came back the next night and the botox seemed to have no effect whatsoever.
  13. freester

    Anyone using Kudzu?

    I am having no luck with shrooms, rc seeds, or vitamin d regimen. I am thinking about trying Kudzu. Does anyone know what dose to use?
  14. freester

    Flashback questions.

    You might have a retinal tear or detachment. I would reccommseeing a retinal specialist asap