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  1. @xxx Hi Batch and thank you for your response. I am taking all of the supplements you have recommended in the photos as well as additonal zinc. I am scheduling a lab for early next week. Were you suggesting an additional lab test to add to the D3, calcium, and PTH? I can also try adding the NAC suppment you suggested. Tsmith
  2. @xxx Batch, I'm doing the list of supplements described in my last post and so far have not achieved a pain free level. I am having fewer attacks and of less severity. I did a 100,000 D3 for 3 days as you suggested and am now back to 50,000 daily. I forgot to mention in my last post that I take daily heart medications: 20 mg avatorstatin and 30 mg lisinopril. Any chance that these are having an interaction with the supplements? I'll be doign a lab in two weeks. Thanks again! Tsmith
  3. @xxx Thank you for this information to adjust the regimen. My change now will be: D3 - additional 50,000 for two days Turmeric - up from 2 pills to 3 Omega 3 - up from 2 to 3 pills Boron - adding 6 mg per day ( I have ordered this). Probiotic - ordered Zinc - ordered. Diet: I am stopping anything sugary to include foods with added sugar on the label, etc. Alcohol - two glasses of wine per day Water: 2.5 liters per day I have a lab coming up in a couple of weeks. I am using the specific products you listed. Thanks again. Let's see what happens as far as achiev
  4. Hello Everyone, I have not reached a CH pain free point and I have been following the Batcheller D3 regime for 6 weeks now. I have noticed a slight change in frequency of headaches and less severity. Before the regime I was averaging 3.52 headaches per day. Now the average is 2.28 per day. I still use O2 as needed and it always aborts the CH in about 10-15 minutes. Here is my data. Before starting regime: Lab: My Serum D level was 24. For 6 weeks I have been following the D3 regime with 50,000 IU D3 / day + all cofactors as recommended by Dr. Batcheller + Coenzyme Q-10. I am sti
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