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  1. One more thing I should have mentioned, two really as this has come up again recently: 1. Licorice root will work best for people who do not have a heavy recent history of pharmaceutical use, particularly SSRIs. 2. DO NOT under any circumstances use licorice root concurrently (or even close to, ever) with triptans such as imitrex or with verapamil. You may find out exactly what is meant by 'cluster headache'. I need to say this now and again, but when you take a dose of this tincture, it absorbs very quickly. Within 20 minutes you will feel it affecting your blood pressure. You will feel
  2. For Heal the Accursed (really?? how...biblical): A 1:2 extract is just a really concentrated tincture. I am not all all sure of the effectiveness of the herb with the alcohol removed. You need alcohol as a solvent to extract the herb, but removing it is usually done by heating which I am theorizing damages the active chemicals. I have noted this before as some folks have not had a good experience with DGL or alcohol removed products. Try it; you'll know right away if its working or not. Licorice root functions as a cycle breaker. Taken remedially 3X daily at the very onset of a cycle, ther
  3. For Yury: Buono sera. I'm sure he's a wonderful person but Dr. Leone sounds like the Michael Bay of pharmaceuticals. (For our non American friends, the pop cultural reference refers to film director Michael Bay's penchant for huge, unnecessary explosions as a substitute for story development or substantive content. Brought to you as a public service). The I need a bigger hammer approach will never work in the long run. I have an acquaintance with Parkinsons who had electrodes and a pacemaker installed at Hopkins, and so far it has made a huge difference for him, so I have an appreciation for
  4. Well if we are done playing whats the Fireman got in his pockets, I think I understand somewhat the non reliance on O2. I too worked in a similar environment, not in an office, where you could find yourself anywhere. I would not have wanted to rely on anything I couldn't carry in my pockets. These awful energy drinks did not exist back in the day, but I would have had a bandolier of them, a bottle of horse aspirins, and likely an assortment of cafergot m&ms. I would have done isometric things to raise O2 levels and divert blood flow from my head. Sometimes adrenaline would have served as a
  5. Their tanks, Scott packs and such contain air mixtures like scuba tanks do and not highly combustion reactive oxygen.
  6. Hi Yury. I can provide a more substantive answer, but I do wish to know why precisely you are taking an antiseizure med. To use practically any busting strategy spoken of here it is best if not essential to detox from pharmaceuticals first. What you describe, the tincture working right off and then setting off an S-storm, if a pretty typical picture of licorice root meets toxic chemical whose presence it does not enjoy. Do not take it while using verapamil. The antiseizure med is in reality a triptan not marketed in the US, a serotonin agonist NOT to be taken with licorice root. Previous p
  7. There is a precept I like which says " when the student is ready, the teacher appears." The teacher comes in many guises, infrequently as a wizened sage but far more likely as a random line from a friend, or something overheard, seen, felt, read or chanced upon. I have learned one thing. The trick is to pay attention, and that is harder than it seems. Sometimes what you learn is that your body is way smarter than you are, but it loves you anyway. I honestly didn't get the Beaver reference (someone is always bringing up beavers; forget the Cleavers this is starting to go way Twin Peaks). Bu
  8. I don't know... I take the concept of institutional, ordained by the cosmos evil (personified I suppose by Satan) about as seriously as I take Justin Bieber, which is to say not at all. I suppose in a circular and unnecessarily obtuse fashion I was trying to say that I don't believe pain to be 'evil'. My sincere apologies to Justin Bieber who I'm certain is a nice enough kid, whoever he is.
  9. yury: 1. Ask your doctor about potential interactions. 2. What specifically is the 'anti epileptic'; do you have a diagnosed seizure disorder? 3. Is the calcium an antihypertensive?
  10. Hi folks. Thought I would chime in with a confession of stupidity, followed by a few thoughts I will throw out for consideration. Stupid first: As well as I am convinced that licorice root works, it has one seeming glaring inadequacy in that it does not do much to alleviate the associated neurogenic pain syndromes referred to variously as shadows, triggers, neuralgias. etc.. Not everyone gets these things, or gets them to the same extent but if you do, and you know who you are, you know they are half of your problem with cluster, and once they kick in they are hard to get rid of. I have w
  11. maddie; If you can find an illustration of a hypothalamus you will notice that the trigeminal nerve passes directly through the central tuberal region of the hypothalamus. The eye, through the optic nerve, is also directly coupled to the hypothalamus through the suprachiasmatic nucleus. Forget the big words, my point is you do not have separate conditions; the TG neuralgia etc. are part and parcel and secondary to the CH. It all becomes one large feedback loop and any part of it can trigger any other part. Treating the CH as a side effect of the neuralgia is a mistake. Busting with ha
  12. Hey, thebb... want to get angrier? True story... When the controlled dangerous substance act was written, then Pres. Nixon did not give a rats' ass about 'legitimate medical usage'. Marijuana, LSD and the other psychedelics were placed on sched. 1 because they were the drugs of choice of the people Nixon hated the most, the anti-war hippies who were ruining his life and had him foaming at the mouth. Marijuana is described as a 'hallucinogen', which it of course is not. The only other CDS1 class of drugs is heroin and other opiate alkaloids considered too dangerous to use. Opium and derivativ
  13. For CH Father: I finally read that thread re: the vitamins and the fish oil. Short answer: I don't see anything that would preclude someone from using both. I would, however point out that the giant dose is probably unnecessary. More than the system can absorb, of any vitamin, is simply excreted and can be hard on the liver. The licorice root would probably act in a complementary fashion, since as you know it inhibits cortisol depletion (the body's most potent anti-inflammatory) and depresses mast cell (histamine) activity. I hope this answers the question. Sorry I took so long.
  14. I'll try to get to everything, but I have to make an observation first. Why is everyone surprised when this works? We as a species are really impressed with ourselves and our technological acumen. Our computers, petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals are really hot stuff. Well, apologies to Jeopardy, but no computer can perform the calculations to get up and walk across a room like any two year old can. Bees routinely instantly calculate the shortest route between flowers (the 'traveling salesman' problem) which the fastest computer would take days to figure out. Geneticists high five each other
  15. Richard, The middle of the night between bouts of agonizing pain is not the best time to think clearly. Drop your doctors and meds? probably a good idea, as you have clearly determined they are not helping you. To assume there is nothing else you can do is an error. I spent thirty seven years in cluster land, alone. Doctors were of no help. In all that time, I met exactly one other cluster sufferer in the flesh. One. We are not exactly ubiquitous. In this place are people who not only understand your situation, but have some pretty good ideas about how to improve it. If someone, somewher
  16. Ron... back in the day, at various points in the extraction process (wisely not mentioned, its kind of dangerous; not meth lab dangerous but just the same..) vegetation like parsley or grunt weed could be used to wipe resin residue out of the extraction containers and then smoked. Yeehah. That's probably what you had. I've had it myself and I agree, its the furthest I've ever been. If acid is a string quartet, DMT is a symphony orchestra on crack.
  17. OK; I've got a suggestion but first a short answer to the question "but Les... why do you keep pushing the Skullcap?" Well, I'm glad you asked. Skullcap was first used as a folk remedy for rabies in the 19th century ( it truly does have excellent anti-spasmodic properties). It didn't cure rabies,of course, but the interest generated led to discovery of its real properties. Skullcap is a mint, and like many mints it is classed as a nervine. To quote herbalist and author Michael Moore (no not him) "it is a sure treatment for almost any nervous system malfunction of a mild or chronic nature, fr
  18. LT2: Thank you. If I understand you correctly, you are of the opinion that the frequency of your hits has lowered, especially at night, but the character of the attacks you do get are the same as they have been previously? If you can tell, are the current attacks any easier to abort or the same as they have always been? At least you seem better off at night. They were the worst. I used to be afraid to go to bed; I would stay up hoping to avoid them, but two hours after going to sleep, bang.
  19. Thanks for the info CH Dad, I'll look into it later. Have to go this AM but I have questions for LT2: 1. When you say major hits could you be more specific as to character, intensity, where you feel them originating, how easy they are to get rid of? This would be very useful to me. Thanks.
  20. Arcan: I am not really familiar with the D3 therapy so I can't really say, but I will look into it. I think if you start the tincture when your next cycle starts (we can always hope it won't) you will not have to resort to anything else. Your linguistic skills are excellent, by the way, and I bet you speak fluent German and French as well. I speak English and fluent Hillbilly. We Americans tend to be provincial. For my friend up in Vansterdam: Its not too often I get to laugh at posts on this forum, so thank you. I'm happy for you that you are seemingly on the downslope, and I hope your long
  21. It is a synthetic glucocorticoid steroid 30 times more powerful than cortisol. It is therefore an antiinflammatory and it has legitimate uses. It is extremely dangerous, can cause suppression of natural immune response, "roid rage", suppressed adrenal function and suppression of the pituitary/adrenal axis. I can find no literature supporting its use in cluster, which makes his prescription totally off label. It seriously messes with the HPA axis, and not in a good way. I'm sorry this response is short but I have no time this AM. Ask your doctor to justify prescribing this. In my opinion the
  22. OK. For CH Father: I may be entirely wrong, but after thinking about this I believe that in episodics the hypothalamus is 'synched' except when in cycle and therefore would not benefit from any kind of prophylaxis. If there's nothing wrong, the licorice root is just going to improve your mood and detoxify your liver.I do think a protocol like the one described above started early in an episodic cycle would abort it completely. One of the things that perplexes me the most is what the essential difference is (and there has to be one) between episodic and chronic people. I suspect it may have s
  23. We are experiencing internet phone tag. 1. You are right completely, Licorice root should not be used with near or around verapamil. I am really quite adamant about this, and I will gladly take whatever crap anyone wants to give me, but verapamil should only be prescribed for hypertension (and there are better drugs for that too) and never for cluster headache. I could go on for pages with reasons why, but suffice it to say that it is rote prescribing, an off label use of a dubious drug, loaded with potential deleterious effects, based on faulty understanding of CH causation and etiology, an
  24. A short rant, because I have to. Time magazine just ran a special on pain, many of you have probably seen it, and by and large it was ok until I got to the 'alternative treatments' article which was written by an idiot. After noting that many herbs had names which sounded like they came from 'The Shire' and completely ignoring proven analgesic herbs his conclusion was that the effectiveness of herbal remedies is not supported by medical science. This would be the same medical science, presumably, that extensively uses morphine (opium poppy), cocaine (coca), digitalis (foxglove... 'discovered'
  25. Licorice root is not something you want to be taking all the time, as a preventative. I would be uneasy about taking it at therapeutic doses for more than 4-6 weeks for two reasons: First, the possibility of cumulative adverse effects as detailed elsewhere (see, you have to read it anyway) and second, receptor number and type and quality in the hypothalamus would begin to be affected as I believe they are with long term pharm use. That is exactly what we wish to avoid. The tincture works very quickly and you should be able to nip your cycle in the bud. If you are fortunate and get 'early war
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