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  1. Hey Chris: I for one would run like hell from anyone who claimed a simple one size fits all answer to anything. Study after study has implicated chronic physiologic stress as a causative factor in many diseases and classes of disease. The pathways and how it actually happens is anything but simple. How the stress occurs in the first place and reacts with genetic and environmental factors is highly individuated. How it expresses is also determined by internal and external forces. The HPA axis is connected more or less directly with every organ system of the body and the endocrine function med
  2. Good morning. Hard for me to even visualize the vernal equinox right now as it is colder than a well digger's ass here, but I know its coming soon, so... 1. Easy stuff first. Real good advice re: the O2. As abortives go, it seems to work for most people who do it right. I have no personal experience with it, but I like the idea of it on principle, and here's why: All abortive methods work because they block or minimize secondary effects which occur either as a a result of a hypothalamic-induced attack or if those same secondaries are acting as "outside in" triggers (environmental, or "allerg
  3. Because I know that it is now buried deep I need to repeat this, so bear with me: Anyone considering trying licorice root tincture, if you are under a Doctor's care check with him/her FIRST. If you are taking prescription medications of ANY kind, check with the prescribing physician FIRST. If you can't do that check with a pharmacist, they usually know even better. Licorice root should NEVER be taken while using certain classes of drugs, including SSRI's, MAO inhibitors, corticosteroids, and many antidepressants, among others. It should not be used by people with hypertension, or ren
  4. Sam,, I did not see this post until now, and I'm afraid you didn't see the one I left on your your help thread before you went off line. I did not know about the oxazepam and the propanalol. They are both doubtless interacting with the tincture, and not at all in a good way. Please stop taking it AT ONCE and do not even think about trying it unless you are off those meds. You should stabilize, and please give yourself a break for a couple of days before you do anything else. I cannot give anybody medical advice; but I will say that even though I know those two drugs are frequently presc
  5. Don't edit; the more complete picture the better. For what its worth: 1. STOP taking the licorice tincture. Immediately. It is in the posts, somewhere back there: If you are under a doctor's care, ASK THEM FIRST. The oxazepam and any other diazepam metabolite can react unpredicatably with SSRIs, which the licorice undoubtably qualifies as, and the licorice also inhibits downstream cortisol which the oxazepam also does. No wonder its not working for you. Also, the hypertension med (propranalol) is being compromised by the tincture which can elevate blood pressure.... I can't stress this
  6. As to cases, as far as I know we have two complete remissions, and one which started promising but experiencing difficulties. I am unaware of any others.
  7. You got me thinking about my ultimate objectives, dammit, and as usual I can't relax and go to work without articulating this; not in as much detail as I would like but thats probably a good thing as I don't wish to bore anyone: 1. We are unique, to my knowledge, in that we suffer from a completely non-malignant yet debilitating syndrome (not a disease) whose causation as yet defies positive identification. 2. That was true; this is part projection and part prophecy: Research will demonstrate that the ultimate causation is emotional; stressor induced imbalance in the HPA axis. (This is FAR
  8. I would like to interest some prominent professional herbalists (she is both on that board and a former student of James Duke who wrote the bestseller "The Green Pharmacy", he's an internationally known ethnobotanist) with connections to schools and research bodies. I have fundamentally two objectives: 1) Am I crazy? Does this work the way I think it does. 2) If an article gets out there, other clinical herbalists will try it in practice and there will be even more feedback. My ultimate fantasy? That this will prove to be a safe, effective and inexpensive treatment for cluster forever beyond
  9. AN Update: I got in touch with a member of the board of the American Herbalists Guild; I have a meeting with her next week. She is pretty excited about this and thinks we can interest some people in following up. She wasn't totally surprised; she knew that licorice could regulate cortisol (She uses it as an antiinflammatory) but she was not really aware of the SSRI activity. I will keep you posted.
  10. Yeah, Sam, not only did they come back on the other side after two years, they came back chronic where before they were just heavy episodic. And yes, I was righteously pissed. Sorry about the temps. If it makes you feel any better, I live on the western summit of the Allegheny Mountains and in Winter I don't see the sun for five months, and we get lake effect snow every frigging day. Sorry you are having problems, but they seem familiar to me. 1. I was getting the night triggers, which had previously been hitting me three times a night. When I started the tincture I still got them, bu
  11. Ectasy; at least MDMA, WAS being used for therapeutic purposes here in the US with terrific promise in treating a variety of psych complaints. And then, along with a whole raft of other tremendously useful drugs it was banned forever as having no medical value. No medical value???? just like LSD, psylocibin and cannabis. Because obviously, prohibition worked so well at cleaning up our alcohol problem. Anyone watching the antics of our elected officials for signs of intelligence (with rare and notable exceptions, of course) is probably not surprised.
  12. One more thought; this is really ragging me. The HPA axis, the endocrine system is a mechanism of such fragile sensitivity and perfectly nuanced crystalline complexity that it makes the most complex artifact of human technology look like a slinky. No one knows how it works, except in the crudest possible approximations. That modern medicine has pumped millions of people full of poorly understood drugs that act in uncertain ways in and on this system, creating consequences that are just now starting to be talked about and recognized, and creating an entire generation of compromised peopl
  13. Terrific article thank you. I think Steven Jay Gould is full of shit though.... at the highest levels, there is no conflict whatever between science and spirituality. There are still lots of 'scientists' and 'eminent scientific bodies' out there who, because of their own preconceptions and prejudice (which is of itself not very 'scientific') just completely ignore, denigrate or ridicule truth when it is presented to them. I did have some of the same discomfort at the use of the term 'Entheogen' by a drug company, and for many of the same reasons mentioned in the article. And the thought
  14. "I have found chugging the Red Bull as I start the 02 seems to speed the abort time, and more importantly for me, seems to block the come backer attack I'm prone to within 10-20 minutes after shutting down the 02." Joe's experience with this is very illustrative: The caffeine stays at active levels far longer than the Oxygen and will inhibit the rebound when the O2 vasoconstriction wears off. What I have learned about aborting is that it is like pushing a pendulum: It will always swing just as far in both directions. The body will always try to balance and regain equilibrium, always. Tha
  15. Sorry the above posted twice..... By the way, look at that surgeon's success rate a t little closer... No bookie would look seriously at those odds.
  16. "I am always skeptical of these peripheral procedures, however, because cluster headache is a central disorder." As well he should be. These guys are cave men trying to fix a Swiss watch with rocks and sticks. I'm not trying to be disparaging, just metaphorically accurate. "Ablation" by the way means permanent destruction. Let us always remember these are the very same guys who with trumpets blaring celebrated prefrontal lobotomy as a panacea cure for everything including conditions that they made up. We all know how well that worked out. It seems to me the more a brain researcher actually
  17. "I am always skeptical of these peripheral procedures, however, because cluster headache is a central disorder." As well he should be. These guys are cave men trying to fix a Swiss watch with rocks and sticks. I'm not trying to be disparaging, just metaphorically accurate. "Ablation" by the way means permanent destruction. Let us always remember these are the very same guys who with trumpets blaring celebrated prefrontal lobotomy as a panacea cure for everything including conditions that they made up. We all know how well that worked out. It seems to me the more a brain researcher actually
  18. Some more general information: In response to some questions I hit the research some more and I am now fairly convinced of two things: 1. DGL licorice tinctures, that is those with the glycyrrhizin removed will NOT work. The phytoestrogens which I believe to be the effective components here are compounds called flavonoids, and are derivatives of glycyrrhizin. 2. For similar reasons, I suspect that glycerates, tinctures in which the alcohol has been replaced with glycerin, will also NOT work. My reasoning here is that the alcohol is heated off a regular tincture to make the glycerate, a
  19. Hi Dan. 1:1 would make it a very high potency extract. I'm trying to guesstimate a dose... Try this: 8 drops in about an ounce of water. You should notice an appreciable lift in mood in about twenty to thirty minutes. I'm not at all sure of the strength of what you have, so watch for any unpleasantness. If you are ok with that, you can repeat this three times daily, spaced evenly. I would recommend the last dose at least two hours before you wish to go to bed. If you do have any adverse effects, don't freak out they will pass, and it would feel like a mild hangover. In that case, cut the
  20. Ron is absolutely right. The more EFFECTIVE weapons you employ, the better your odds. That certainly includes a neurologist with experience treating CH or better yet a headache specialist , diet and exercise, guidance in trigger avoidance, and certainly getting off those meds that sound like they are causing chronic edema and vasal thrombosis. And please remember what was said above, and now I'm even more convinced: Taking licorice root on top of those meds could be downright dangerous. Oxygen as an abortive would probably be a better option in the short term. But Ron's suggestion to
  21. For Geordie Lass: Please be cautious re: the Verapamil. Licorice root tends to raise blood pressure, and after nine years on it the interaction could be scary. Did your son have hypertension issues originally, or was the prescription specifically for the CH? I would STRONGLY suggest you check with the doctor prior to considering using the tincture. Additionally, I would also humbly suggest getting him the hell off the Verapamil. It does nothing, capital N nothing to alleviate cluster headaches. It is an off label use of a drug only marginally good at what it's SUPPOSED to be used for. I wou
  22. For Geordie Lass: Thats the stuff. Glycyrrhza Glabra is the 'scientific' name. Please refer to the earlier posts on this thread for contraindications, proper dosage levels, etc. For anyone really worried about the alcohol, the tincture also comes as a "glycerate"; the alcohol has been cooked off ( you're right P.) and replaced with glycerin. Should work the same. They are available from the same places that sell the alcohol tinctures.
  23. prolosam: I think you are being smart to parse out the tincture until you are sure how it will react with your meds, which I am not familiar with. The skullcap is a very effective nervine, it is somewhat sedating (non drowsy, not like valerian) and it is anti-anxiety and considered effective in treating addictions. You barely notice it until you realize you are not all that chuffy. Again, I don't know how that would react with the stuff you are taking. Trigger point acupuncture is f-ing marvelous. It totally defeated my clusters (when they were on the other side of my head) eight years ago.
  24. By the way, on a personal note I should report that I am still PF... I have had a few close calls, as previously noted, and I have taken single doses of the tincture as preventative. I am feeling that the triggering has been mostly environmental ( I am frequently exposed to dust, smoke & other annoyances) and because of the cell memory of those things, they are going to take a while to figure out how to fix. I have still not had anything even resembling an attack. I have not heard back yet from my herbalist contact, but they are still on semester break. I will go looking for her the o
  25. For prolosam: If you try the tincture & it doesn't work for you, it will clear your system in eight hours or less if you want to bust with the shrooms. I had similar results with mushrooms, although I confess it was accidental (and recreational). After taking a psychotropic (not full psychedelic) dose, I just knew I wouldn't trigger and enjoyed the hell out of myself; but the free pass ended with the effect of the dose. I repeated that particular experiment four times or so, with similar results. It was coincidental for me; that was before I got back on the grid, started doing research &
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