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  1. Damn buddy I feel for you I really do. I am going through a tough bout myself right know as well. You really need to find a Doc that know Clusters like the back of their Hand... NOW. And I don't nec. mean a "headaches clinic" I have had some bad experiences with some of these. This site has provided me with excellent advise and support. I cant tell how glad I have found it. But you also need a knowledgeable doctor. Keep going from one to the next until you find "the one" I have yet to try "busting" however I believe I am on that road. I wish you success and relief.
  2. I have increased spinal pressure (psuedo ceribri tumor) which when acting up dramatically increases my headaches, right in the middle of an episode and getting three to four a day. I have had one every night for about the past five years to begin with so this is fun.
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