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  1. back to check in after a long time. nothing has changed really I have managed to get the shrooms but they seem to be doing very little. unless ya call 2 nights out of 7 sleepin thru relief. stopped them too at one point and went into a 12 day cycle straight from hell. finally layin on the floor one night with my o2 mask in one hand and a bag of shrooms in the other eatin them right from the bag in did stop the streak for 24 to 36 hours but that's as long as the relief lasts. not a doc in eastern Canada that knows half as much about clusters as ive learned on my own. its tough...and takin its toll...little over 3 years now. my o2 tank is the only reason im still alive.
  2. usually les then couple hours cause ive read the longer the stronger lol
  3. even a relative mild cluster changes my ...... everything...... for a couple hours at least. just dont feel right and it goes right to the pit of my stomach.pretty much changes my day.
  4. i had been doin the seeds about 8 months and had ordered several times so wasnt just a bad batch. no denying they sure did help in the beginning. they made me sick to my stomach and just wierd in general. basically just sat on edge of bed and held my stomach for hours. after awhile i just started knockin myself out with sleep meds soon as i took the seeds. funny but thats about the same time they stopped workin. i tried hard to get some shrooms and bust with them just couldnt get any. ive done them before and actually found them quite pleasant lol. it aint the buzz that turned me off the seeds. have tried the melatonin didnt seem to help. i drink a lot of energy drinks buy em by the 24. drink one every time i need the o2. not familiar with the d3. ive read the testosterone study and have a doc app next week i think there might be something to that. i take sleep meds and anxiety meds cause about the closest thing to a good cluster is waitin for the next one. im sure many can relate to that. i get most of the winter off work. the clusters were much better when i was workin everyday but that seems to be par for the course too. i seem to be havin harder time shuttin them down now then six months ago and have had a few pop up at times they just never have before over last 2 years. just out of the blue. mine are normally 90 mins exactly after i fall asleep and usually every night. about half the time i can expect anonther either before or after that,and the odd day its just about non stop every 2 or 3 hours. not sure which is harder on me the clusters or the meds but i dont remember driving to work some days. but i wouldnt hardly ever sleep without the meds. theres a phrase something about the devil and the deep blue sea .......
  5. hey folks...havent been on in a long time just checkin in hopin to learn something new.not much has changed in my world but thank god for my 02 ... and the people on here that pointed me in that direction.stopped the busting with rc seeds about 6 months ago they seemed to be losing their effectiveness. maybe i wasnt takin enough anymore but they made me sick and didnt seem to be workin anymore anyway.my headaches didnt change a bit when i stopped the seeds.i get hit hard and often and havin hard time keepin up with the bills from the meds and 02,even with holding down a full time job.hang in there and everybody take care.
  6. ditto.....if ya need help these people will help a lot of combined knowledge on this board. Welcome aboard and good luck.
  7. not much fun trust me. This is interesting reading,it would be good to know about the Alaska thing. I worked away a couple months last summer.Stayed in one place in a valley about 3 weeks and never had a hit.Then moved about 5 miles away but up on a big mountain and started gettin hit hard 2 out of 3 nights.
  8. bj you took the words right outa y mouth lol.ive only the optimask couple weeks and was gettin along fine with 15lm prhaps cause i was gettin less with the other mask.maybe in time 15 wouldnt cut it for me either but buddy id be quite happy with my 15 right now.his is 2 days in a row my provider has given me shit for equipment and they are 2 hours away.im on the hunt for a better regulator....and a new head too if i can find one.not sure swappin with anybody on this site would help much tho lol
  9. still in a rough patch.backed off to 5 days between busts which was last night.slept 6 hours but it was there as son as i opened my eyes just like it has been for a week to 10 days now.the 02 backed it off for a few mins but it came right back and is still hangin around ben about 4 hours now.never happened before.the majority of my hits have always been at night but gettin them all times of day now.everytime i fall asleep day or night 90 to 120 mins and boom.ive even had 3 just general headaches that after couple hours have moved o one side and turned to a cluster hats never happened before.to top it off yesterday the valve seized on my o2 tank and wouldnt open they delivered another it worked fine til today now the regulator seems not workin right cause the bag is empty after about 3 breaths.this is insane
  10. Makes perfect sense,Jerry,as always and im gonna try it.Another thing im wondering and may even have read it somewhere,for about 3 days on the weekend i had just a normal headache,not cluster like at all,and had taken 3 or 4 tylenol couple times a day.This brand of tylenol has a small amount of codein in them.Do i remember reading about any opiate possibly blocking the busting effect ? Im hopin so cause i just got hammered 3 times in 9 hours through the night and it would be nice it know it was nothing but my own dumbass fault
  11. Just warm enough enough to desolve....still cool enough to chug it all at once. Whats your thoughts on busting fri nights and gettin hit hard on monday nights before my tues night bust.Do ya think im just not quite gettin enough on fri to get me through.Only happened 2 weeks in a row could just be a coincidence.But maybe a little extra juice in the punch fri nights wouldnt hurt to try.Ive tried everything else lol.
  12. tranceplants gets them too me in 4 to 6 business days.....but i am in Canada.
  13. Donnie S


    Oxygen.My doctors had prescribed me everything but.The people on this site likely saved my life by telling me to drop everything i was doing and get oxygen and introducing me to the busting options.Finally after 16 months of pure hell i feel like im inthe drivers seat again.
  14. Ive set up tues and fri nights for busting and the only major hits ive had for 2 weeks have been on monday nights.As there is an extra night betwen busts compared to the days between tues and fri im wondering if im just not gettin quite enough fri night to keep the freak calm til tues night.Its possible but its also possible the freak is just being a freak lol. ya been mixing the taurine in with a little strong coffee.If its gonna work im gettin the taurine dosage for about 10 cents compared to 3.50 for an energy shot/drink.Really hopin im not just at low end of my cycle and this is all an illusion,but hell i wil take it,best ive felt in 16 months.
  15. I found the taurine in capsule form.Will save me a tonne of money if it works the same that way.Only big hit ive had since the mon after the bust i screwed up 10 days ago was once again last night on a monday night after i busted on fri.Cant complain tho things are improving big time since i started hangin around this crowd lol.
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