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  1. Just registered my hubby. It is going to be great for him and Adam. His nick name is papa smurf. That should tell you something, hehe. Can't wait to share this time with all of you. We are arriving on the 17th, hoping to find some music that night. Hugs to all.
  2. Goody powders are kind of like a powdered, caffinenated, headache reliever. Adam downs 2 or 3 with a red bull or mountain dew at the onset. Then get on the o2 and hopes for the best. If after about 5 mins it isn't better, he goes for the imitrex.
  3. Just to throw in my 2 cents. Instead of getting the 6m injectors of imetrex, Adam gets 5 viles and syringes. This way he can inject the amount he needs. Our doc had no problem giving an Rx for this. It saves a lot of trex and $'s too. He also uses verap, goody powders, red bull, mountain dew and, primarily, O2. Wish you well, sorry to hear that this came back to visit. Hopefully, it will be a short visit. Louise
  4. Bob, My sister has an embrodiery business. Anyone that was at the OUCH Atlanta meeting got a goody bag with the OUCH logo on it. Give me an idea of what "logo" you are looking at and I can get prices. She can do shirts, hats and all kinds of stuff. She does all of the Shriner stuff in Wichita Kansas. Happy to help any way I can. Louise
  5. We would love to give it a try. Let us know when there are more details. Are DJ and Steph not doing it this year? Just asking. Louise
  6. Since we can't be there (boo hoo), I am sending a hand made speciality. Anyone who needs a baby gift in the near future, keep your eyes open for this. Hugs to all, Louise
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