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  1. Yes I get a shadow when hungry, it's hard at work, but I try to keep little protein bars or something at my desk. I also push the water too, it does help. If/when I get the cluster attack, it is less pain if I eat every few hours, hungry or not. I lost about 25 pounds in the first two years of having cluster headaches. I've gradually put weight on again, but I think it is a side effect from meds.
  2. I'm new, first posting. Have done reading on "vit. M" and would love to try, worried about how to get good quality, no controls on that one? Over the past six years, pretty much tried it all. Verap. no good, same throwing irreg. heartbeats. Steroids, they work just great, but so bad for the body over time. O2 never had any luck with that. Acupuncture, works well, very well, but they won't issue any of us a home kit for when the pain starts AGAIN. Massage and chiropractic, can help temporarily but sometimes trigger pain afterwards. Tried all the neurological drugs, with no success and with many side effects. I use vicodin, not much but enough to make it through. I do believe drinking more water helps a bit, getting more sleep is a huge factor in coping with the pain .. I have used clonazepam to sleep, it helps me to get a least 6 hours in a row usually. Had occipital nerve dissection a Georgetown Hsp. Ctr. last year. All my pain is on the left side of my skull, back and front. The back is now just numb since the surgery, with some pulling sensations but not level 10 pain. Now just the stabbing pain in the left eye, brow and left side of nose, sometimes shooting into my teeth on the upper left side. So they said I should share my story, there it is! haha Making it, less depression in last 9 months. Got hope after finding so many more people who are looking for a solution to our pain. I want to try "vit. K" just not sure how to proceed.
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