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  1. D3 UPDATE! After posting my last post, THAT night hubby had a mild headache but was able to sleep through it! Yesterday some shadowing and "strange feelings/pains" BUT NO HEADACHE!!! Two nights in a row with no Imitrex! First "headache free day" he has had since January! Don't know what to think! His cycle last time lasted 2 months... We are getting down to the line with ~ 3 months this time so not sure if coming off cycle now. But this is what he is taking. 6,000 mg of fish oil - already been taking for triglycerides 15,000 IU of D3 - for a week now 300 mg of verapamil twice a day 300 mg of lithium twice a day *** Past 3 /4 days he has tried taking between 5-10 IU of D3 during the day and then the rest at night. He takes the fish oil, D3 and 2nd verap/lithium at dinner. Other not so obvious things but might be worth mentioning.... Been sleeping with windows open for about a week now Better mood - due to looking at buying another Harley, or is that the D3 I am in tears writing this.. finally a change!! I know we aren't out of the woods yet but something is happening! Just thought I would drop a quick update!
  2. Vitamin D3 Update - hubby has been on 15,000 IU of D3 for 6 days now. Not seeing any relief. Calling Lincare to see where our 25 LPM regulator is!
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    Draft of "My Oxygen Page"

    Thank you CHF!! VERY good information... haven't seen this thread!
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    Draft of "My Oxygen Page"

    Hi all! I just saw this thread today... I have posted on the CH site but thought I would ask here also. I am a supporter trying to research options for my husband. I have been reading both blogs. I have read the "O2 pages" at the other site but I am still struggling to find more exact instructions of when to use it and how to explain to him how to hyperventilate. His Neuro prescribed the O2, We have the tanks, he took the mask off and is using it by mouth at 15LPM right now (have 25 LPM on order) other than keeping the shadows at bay, its not helping at all. Don't know if it is possible but is there a way to "describe" the whole scenario from start to finish of how you guys are using it. My hubby has very strong shadowing... so it is hard to know "when". If its possible, thought this info would be useful to have out there for the first timer (and supporters). Getting a lot of hits on my post but not a lot of responses : http://www.clusterheadaches.com/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1300211447 So it seems there may be others looking for help?? Thanks for listening guys! :-X