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  1. Looking for a couple that might want to share a room. We don't have a reservation and might not be able to go ( sister n law is very sick on hospice) We are even willing to split up if need be. LOL Can we sleep in the car?? I have slept in it before it's comply and wouldn't care. Hugs, love and pf wishes to all. :-*
  2. no-one

    Smelling salts?

    I am not sure the safety of using Smelling salts BUT I have used them a few times and has helped when nothing else has helped. I have tried almost everything ( I am sure there is a few I may have missed) It doesn't take it completely away but something is better then nothing. I have been chronic since 99. I have seen Young, Sheftell, and Rozen to name a few. I would be careful if you have heart problems, as it does make it race. Just info not a cure. PF wishes to all
  3. no-one

    Headache on the Hill, 2012

    It was a little intimidating, but was very interesting the comments and responses that we received. It was great meeting new sufferers. And I was very please that we were able to attend. I would like to thank all that made it possible for us to go and for all the hard work that was done to get it off the ground. Thank you hugs and pf wishes to all b PS I will try not to brake my ankle next year.
  4. no-one

    News Story featuring 1961mom

    I know I don't post much but I would love to thank all of you who made it possible for BJ and I to go to DC and be a part of the Headache on the Hill. We meet so great new Friends and a few old ones. It was unbelievable the info that the ppl we met in the offices didn't know and to see there reaction. I hope we made a few ppl open their eyes and take notice. I hope to be part of it again next year and to see more cb'ers take part. It was a blast. Thank you again for making it possible. Love, hugs and many PF wishes to all PS Cindy I hide from the camara there are a few like maybe 2 pic's of me lol
  5. no-one

    Advocacy project, Wash DC.

    I was just wondering who was going to HOH? BJ and I will be there, can't wait to see old friends and meet some new ones. hugs and pf wishes b