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    I've tried many times, with girls very dedicated to helping me too . . . no luck. I once even had to stop with this girl in the middle of it, damn CH stopped me from getting lucky . . . :'( kinda funny looking back at it though . . .
  2. palm

    does red bull help

    I do. I get neck stiffness starting a few weeks before CH begins.
  3. I also have a 'messed up mouth' situation. But my CH cycles are about every 10 months, so that wouldn't make sense in terms of a bacterial infection in the mouth. And I didn't have any headaches during the times I had my teeth issues. If it is as you say, anti-biotics should resolve your CH. Give that a try with an orthodontist to resolve that theory.
  4. I've had CH for about 10 years now, and discovered Cafergot about two cycles ago. I've been to a half dozen doctors in the US, and only one of them even knew what CH was. Despite that 'headache specialist' being really cute, she was clueless on how to treat it. So I was on my vacation one day in Thailand, and being desperate like any CH sufferer I decided to visit one of those random 3rd world questionable doctors that don't speak much English. He charged me $30 for the visit and told me to take Cafergot. Turns out you can buy Cafergot for about 30 cents/pill without a prescription at nearly every pharmacy in Thailand. I gave it a try and WOW, it works! My headaches hurt only 20% as much, and last only 20% as long, as compared to without the pill. I still suffer from CH, but man my quality of life during my cycles have infinitely improved The best part was when I walked into the next pharmacy and bought out their entire stock of Cafergot for $30 (two years supply for me). The Thai pharmacists gave me funny looks but didn't ask any questions, as they were probably trying to figure out what a white guy would do with all those pills lol Anyway, I definitely recommend giving Cafergot a try for CH if you haven't already.
  5. I've been a sufferer of CH for about 10 years now, and one of the symptoms I've become familiar with is the strange neck stiffness that often comes with it. This week I got what was very likely a case of viral meningitis. In summary, its when a virus passes through the blood-brain barrier and causes a swelling of the meninges, the layer surrounding the brain. I'm fine now, don't worry. CH always gave me this deep boring headache, whereas this virus caused a weird headache that seemed to surround my head. Anyway on to the point . . . it gave me the exact same type of neck stiffness! So doing research on meningitis, it turns out the Limbic system is affected and that causes the neck stiffness. Perhaps meningitis and CH share some of the same biological pathways? Maybe this information will be useful for someone researching CH, so I decided to share.