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  1. Hola Matt, I just order from Netherland to Spain. They are also ilegal to consume here, but I need them for my "collection of seeds", my investigations, or just to plant them in the garden..... Saludos Poli
  2. Hola Javier, are you still there?. Please check your PM (Mensajes Privados). Saludos Poli
  3. Hola, may be I don't post much here, but I'm a buster since 2005. The thing is that I learn in this forum and try to traslate to Spanish all the information, what is not easy http://www.cefaleaenracimos.com/foro/viewtopic.php?t=21 and I know of some other busters doing the same in diferent countries/languages. So, we've not gone, just spreading the word all over the world (feel like a profet or something) . Saludos Poli
  4. Hola, I'm shocked, don't know what to say. Are you doing this on your own?, did you contact our fearless leader?, what is this Grupo CH Espana?. Sorry, I've mixed sensations, I like the idea but not sure this is the way. People and Doctors involved in this deserve some kind of respect. I'm in Alicante, if it helps. Saludos Poli
  5. No , I'm Spanish , and now go, get Oxigen, detox, and bust it. Saludos Poli
  6. Hola Napoli, may be you can find some information about how to get O2 in Italy here http://www.grappolaiuto.it/smf/index.php?board=15.0 Saludos Poli
  7. Poli


    Hola, some years ago in the old board, someone linked this and now I just want to share it again. It help me to focus on CH in my doses http://vodpod.com/watch/4648477-albert-hoffman-flashback Saludos Poli
  8. Hola, as far as I now, 10 gr wet is 1 gr dry. Saludos Poli
  9. Poli

    R C Seeds

    Hi all, may be this helps, this one is where I also get now the mycelium boxes: http://www.azarius.net/smartshop/psychedelics/lsa_seeds/ololiuhqui/ they don't ship to USA, Norway and Australia. This other http://www.tranceplants.net/consumer.php don't ship to Indonesia, Ukrania and Australia. I'm sorry for the Australians, some friends from New Zealand are going to visit you?. Saludos Poli PD: Hola CArl, wish you are well.
  10. Yes, I told my doctor and he wrote this (the second report) http://www.ouch-us.org/medications/psilocybin_lsd.htm Saludos Poli
  11. Hola Flash, you are like a profet or something for me. Your name was in every important information in CB, but you were not. Glad you are back home. Saludos Poli
  12. Hola Jazz, wellcome to your home. Saludos Poli
  13. Poli

    thebbz ?

    I think he just wanted to be the first ex-member of this forum, no? Saludos Poli
  14. Hi all, glad to have a new place to talk about the best treatment. Thanks to all involved. Saludos Poli
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