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  1. QnHeartMM

    CB: Chicago Conference. Thank you!

    Glad you were able to attend!
  2. Working on a project for the auction. Need about 4 TShirts that have large logos (not the ones with just pocket size). Please pm me for my address if you can provide. Need in next week or it will have to wait til next year. Thanks
  3. QnHeartMM

    2015 Clusterbuster Conference

    Guiseppi and I (Joe and Christy) are coming. Hotel is booked, registration paid, and now working on airfare. Looking forward to seeing everyone.
  4. QnHeartMM

    Need address & Tax ID

    Can someone PM me the address & Tax ID for CB? I need for taxes. Thanks.
  5. QnHeartMM

    I made home

    Sorry we missed you all! Safe travels.
  6. Here's what I've sent, courtesy of Racer and Lisa.
  7. QnHeartMM

    recommended doctor list

    FYI, there is a problem with this link - certificate error. https://clusterbusters.org/?page_id=455
  8. QnHeartMM

    New Here, and ?? :)

    Dan really glad we met you. Hope you and Sarah found the conference valuable. Christy
  9. here's this year's clusterbuster quilt for the auction.
  10. I am bringing a personally made quilt, size is considered a "throw". The fabric is "Batik" and the back, in particular, is a design that goes along with Cluster Busters!
  11. QnHeartMM

    2012 Conference chatter

    Thanks Beuyllll
  12. QnHeartMM

    2012 Conference chatter

    Hey Racer, I know you're there, and you're never far from a camera.....where are the pictures???
  13. QnHeartMM

    2012 Conference chatter

    Anybody seen the old guy from Lakeside yet?
  14. Finished it, phew, just in time. It measures 69x56.
  15. Hi all, I'll be sending a quilt with Joe for the auction. Here's a picture of the top (before borders and backing are applied). I'll be finishing it up today. What was intended to be a "throw" size is quickly turning into a twin bed size! I would use it as a nap quilt on the couch and my feet will be covered!