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  1. Hi Everyone, I've had clusters for 5 years now (along with daily chronic headaches, which I have about 5 days out of 7). I've also had migraines all my life (run in the family) but they have gotten considerably worse since the clusters started. When my clusters started, they were episodic with a month or two gap, but this year they turned chronic, and I have them on averave every three days, my longest break being about 12 days. I get 1-3 attacks when they hit, sometimes up to 5. The problem with my attacks is that they last, on average, 10-15 minutes, sometimes 30 minutes. So normal aboratives don't have time to work. I've been on Topiramate (Topamax) for over a year now (and yes, I tried everything else before going to T), but will be free of it in a couple of weeks. I tolerated it well, but it would stop working ever few months, and I had to keep increasing the dose. I'm getting ready to try the Vitamin D3 regimen, but that, and the LSD/shrooms mentioned on this site, are my last hope. The cluster I had fifteen minutes ago was the 220th I've had this year. I can't do another year like this one. I'm single, and it is too much on my own. I have to find a solution, or else. I have a friend getting me some mushroom seeds. And I'm beginning my research of this site. I'm sure you've all heard this before. But you are my last hope. Renée
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