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  1. BUSTED!!! third day no attack LSD worked just took 4 days after dosing to kick in Thanks everybody! Back to normal living
  2. thanks for your reply LSD I get is real I can trust the guy I get it from He is from Holland and I explained him why I need it so he understands. About steroids very bad experience my doc told my to drink them two times already for two weeks I couldt sleep for four days while I was on them had no attacks but after endet drinking them I had never ending attack for strait two days bouth times had to go to hospitall it was nightmare! I think I have to give a rest for MM at least for a year becouse they did nothing at end I tried busting with them 5 times thats why I tried LSD for firs time I hope in time MM will help again so far not good experience with LSD cant have a pleasant trip for some reason. but its better now today only one attack and not even half of pain I think 3rd dose will do it I will try take smaller one cant take those unpleasant trips anymore.
  3. guys I am still getting attacks but they are like half of pain only so LSD did something what do you think maybe I should do third dose? becouse it still gonna be like a month untill i do MRI and visit my doctor I still need to go back and cant fly dont wanna go on bus or smth for poeple to see my attacks.
  4. Thank you so much! just had another attack less painfull and shorter so lsd did something
  5. ok i will pause it I did blood but more than year ago it was low only 30 of 100 but I will try pause it About my doc no way I can tell her the truth she will refuse to treat me I bet... Its Lithuania narow mindet poeple about these thimgs...
  6. one more thing I will try to explain my pain is always on the right side, on my left side my eye is very week then you go to doctor I can see only two biggest letters with her, when I was three years old she stopped growing for some reason. My right eye is bad too basicaly I have very bad vision all my life with glases. now I am thinking could this do something for blocking? maybe becouse of my left eye?
  7. I get my MM from Holand just go to shop buy growkit and grow them at home. I havent done MRI in a long time 7 years maybe, thing is I am now in Germany and just lost my job I have no insurance here but I am planing to back to Lithuania there i can do MRI visit my doc, which I havent seen in two years becouse MM helped me I dont know what I gonna tell her.... Before MM I was on big dose of verapamil and using oxigen but it helpt me for a month maybe later nothing... Its like anithing i do later doesnt help me... But i did LSD for first time two doses 5 days apart and nothing I had 3 attacks yesterday. about D3 regimen I brout list from here of all vitamins to my doc and she almoust started screaming on my she said no way i will alow you this you can get cancer so and so... I just drink vitamin d3 big dose without other
  8. just what would you do next in my place? I dont know what to do? maybe go back on verapamil havent drinked it in two years maybe it will help? whats wrong with my brain?
  9. hey guys I did second dose of lsd and... today I had one attack already but it was like half of pain so it did something maybe it will pass? or should it work right away? Also when i was on lsd my hearth and left arm was numb all the time wery unpleasant any idea why this happening to me? I cant have pleasant trip also for some reason my mom said I was acting like I was having attack while tripping I am loosing hope guys it seems nothing helps me anymore whats happening?
  10. hi guys I tried LSD for first time yesterday and then I started feeling efects I had attack, started tripping while in pain, then I went deep but becouse of attactI think trip wasnt pleasand. I was laying on my side for four hours all shaking and sveting alot. Today I already had attack not very painfull but still... Did anyone had that happen? having attack on LSD? and what it means? Should I do another dose after 5 days? I am really afraid to have bad trips again :/
  11. Hello and Mery Chrismas to everyone! so I tryed eating MM again and just when they were off I got attack again 4 in the moorning, dont know what to do next, have no meds here... maybe going back to verapamil is an option? havent done it in two years maybe it will work again? lats time was drinking 280 mg/ day - did not help. I feel desperate all doctors on vacations now MM doesnt help anymore...
  12. now I have made all my MM to chocolate dont have them raw, anyways i cant forse myself to eat them raw even dryed I fell like puking my stomy hurts.... I also tryed to make tea off them maybe thats better way then chocolate? p.s just had second attack today short one half our I dont understand so messet up this time yesterday nothing today already two and more to come at night for sure... last time I eated them was monday woke up and eated them on emty stomak, can I eat them again tomorow at night? is that enougt time or wait for after tomorow?
  13. today I woke up had good sleep vithout any attack my bouth ears are num kinda hear like waves... much smaller shadow pain. So i think busting helped only kicked in two days after last dose. tonight I will no for sure if no attack. edit; just had attack 45 mins if normal attack pain is 10 so this was 7... just when I started get happy its over
  14. thank you for your knowledge I decidet to wait 5 days but this will be my 4 time eating them, that happens? some times three times is not enough?
  15. I dont want to jinx it but today i didnt had attack yet only very big shadow pain and my ear on that side is num, hard to hear... maybe busting helped? can it kick in after two days? I forgot how was it for me last time... hope it worked, would be nice on christmas have clear head should I eat hem one more fourth time after five days?
  16. yep and I do this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dHN1MyM3cg&t=3s make a chocolate from them its easyer to consume them that way
  17. guys i dont understand i think I have bigger tolerance for MM becouse I always eat 3-4 grams and not always get trips. About seeds very first time i tried busting with them but it did not work i did it with MM. Now about eating every day I can do it if it will help me not to lose my job but everybody here says you need to wait 5 days so whitch is it? I am afraid to get even bigger tolerance if I eat every day, I dont realy vant to go to LSD its hard to get it. Last attack was this night woke me strait from sleep lasted 70mins... every attack seems to get longer, its so hard after almoust 2 years PF. It seemed I finaly had my life in order, now everithing going bad again... Just gime more than oe opinion on eating them every day, i will do it if you guys agree.
  18. i am not taking anithing else... there you might be right maybe I dont trip enough? lats time I had very little vissions then eyes closed for a short time its more like body effect, I cant tell in grams i grew them drye then make shocolate this way is easy to consume. maybe try bigger amount after five days?
  19. I live now near Holland I will try to get it, i cant beleave MM doesnt help me anymore maybe after some time it will again? I am kinda afraid of LSD, i wasnt realy into triping from mm. How to know correct dose?
  20. guys what about LSD maybe I could get it do I need to use it only once? will it help if MM doesnt anymore?
  21. so your sugestion take them every night in smaller doses? cant it make worse? i readed that you need at least 5 days betveen using MM. I realy need to stom this I only goot week left they wount keep me in job if i dont return in week. Why usual busting doesnt help anymore? also I am using blackberry it seems your app doesnt work on it :/ I am also on D3 regime nothing else no oxygen...
  22. Hi guys fist I am sorry I havent posted in a long time So after your help I stoped attacks with mushrooms and was eating them every two months, it helpt me for almoust two years. My life kinda changed I found my self a job moved out in Germany... Now attacks are back, I tryed do busting eated them three times every five days and nothing, mushrooms vare off and I ged attack strait away. Every attack getting longer and more painfull, just had one laster for hour already i am getting three attacks in 24h. So guys what should I do next? realy need to stop them becouse I could even lose my job cant work now i am working in construktion... as always thank you for any sudgestions.
  23. i will then my cycle is over I will go back to training and if it comes back after I will know for sure then.
  24. before cluster came i was always at the gym, i was boxing doing MMA, my dream was to be a fighter.. all doctors told me no more sports for me... just this year before my cycle started i was training hard, ofcourse no hits just pumping muscle, runing.. after month cycle started earlear when ever... I am afraid it is a trigger for me... and trainig was most imortant thing for me...
  25. well I had non stoping attack after unsukcesfull bustin, after 5 hours I passed out my mother called an ambulance. So I think after 24 or a bit more hours of non stoping attack I would be dead... there is no pain which would kill you so fast. I had my left leg burned realy hard then I was little and I would take that pain over cluster any time, it was 3d degree burn skin was gone on half of leg. I my opinion if cluster would just a bit more painfull we all be dead... maybe pain is diferent for everione I dont know.
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