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  1. Jerry, no, I didn't miss the excellent effort put forth by you and others on Wikipedia about CH.  I need to go there and see for myself the progress made.  But it'll have to wait till later.  I am covered up with too much right now.

    And I agree that the quote Ajax pulled from the site is just a rephrasing of what Godsby quoted.  Maybe someone will come up with a definitive quote from a knowledgeable and reliable source.

  2. Goadsby: “probably the worst pain that humans experience”

    Also Goadsby, in a medical journal (with a co-author): "It is an excruciating syndrome and is probably one of the most painful conditions known to mankind."

    Also Goadsby, also with a co-author, also in medical journal: "Few, if any, medical disorders are more painful than cluster headache." 

    Thanks for the quotes and the links CHf!

    But that word "probably" sticks in my craw.  And "Few, if any, medical disorders are more painful than cluster headache."  is still not the definitive definition that I have heard touted so many times. 

    I tried googleing "the most painful condition known to man" and got the Goadsby quotes, along with some links to things like "Ten most painful conditions", "Seven most painful conditions" & "Fourteen most painful conditions", in which all but one put CH at the top.  The one that didn't put shingles as the most painful with CH second. 

    No where could I find a credible doctor or researcher that made that absolutely strong statement.

    The phrase is bandied about so much that to me, it is concerning.


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  3. Does anyone know where and if this was actually published?

    It would be nice to be able to quote it word for word, and back it up with a link or reference.

    I know that I had a problem with the wording when I first saw it.  I thought that instead of it reading, "The worst pain known to man", it should read, "The most intense pain known to man."

  4. shopon,

    You may want to start your own thread on either the 'general board' or 'share your busting stories'.   Please give as much of your history with CH as possible, and feel free to ask any questions you may have.

    I also recommend starting with reading the numbered posts on the 'Clusterbusters Files' board.  There is a LOT of info to be gleaned there.


    alley :)

  5. Toni,

    If you will go to the top of this page and click on the "User CP" tab, it will take you to your control panel. 

    On the far left top, you'll see three tabs.  Click on the "Profile" tab.  This will open the Profile page. 

    Look to your left and you will see several options.  Click on "Contact Information".  At this point, you'll probably have to re-enter your password.  After doing so, you'll be on the Contact Information page. 

    At the very top, you'll see your email address.  Just under that, you'll see "Hide Email From Public?".  Make sure that a check mark is in the box if you don't want the public to see your email addy.


  6. Not the expert but know a few things about such matters...

    The guest thing just counts how many times an unregistered person hits the site. Could be the same person 168 times, or even some members not signing in.

    The limiting areas to members is good to keep the rif-raf out, as most who come here accidentally, or are not serious CH people won't bother to take the 30 seconds it takes to perform a completely anonymous sign up. BUT, most importantly, it keeps the search engines out of the more private stuff. Those search engines will bring in god knows who looking for what.

    I may be wrong, but that would be my answer.

    I think you pretty much encapsulated it in a nutshell diamondmaker.  ;)

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