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  1. Indomethacin worked for me yesterday mixed with D3 regimen. I was shocked. Crossing my fingers!
  2. Yes 25mg per day benadryl. I will try B1 addition to the mix - I will say that amazingly, yesterday I was PF w/ just some shadows after adding 100mg of indomethacin to the D3 regimen. This was based on a thread by anubis44: http://www.clusterheadaches.com/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1454078299 He went 10 months PF by adding Vimovo to the D3 regimen. I don't want to get my hopes up just yet but I even got cocky and drank drank a couple beers! So who knows but I'm hopeful now. Thanks -
  3. I'm currently on week 2 of this cycle. Been getting hit for 20 years or so. When they first started, they would annually blast me multiple times per day and last anywhere from 30 - 60 min. My cycles are now bi-annual and the headaches last much longer but not as intense. Typically they last 3-4 hours now with shadows pretty much all of the time. I can't say which is better really. Was just wondering if anyone else has experienced a similar evolution of cycles and whether a particular type of treatment works better in this case. I've been doing the Batch D3 regimen load for 5 da
  4. Thanks I thought about the pressure as well as a possible culprit. This has never happened before in the 15 years I've been getting these. Also the shadows have moved from my head to behind my eye, which is something new. Usually there's a tenderness on the side of my head in between hits but now it's all felt behind my right eye. Been dosing with 65 seeds or so. How much would you suggest I up it to?
  5. My episode started late this July and lasted until mid September (I get hit every 2.5 years for 2 months or so). I was PF for 2 weeks and the beast came back in the middle of the night one weekend. It's been 2 weeks and I am since getting them every night & again around 5:00 am. The pain is less severe (kip 4) with alcohol as a major trigger. A few nights ago I had one that lasted 3 hours. I am very concerned that I could be going chronic at this point. I tried 2 attempts to bust with RC seeds but it hasn't done anything. Typically I would be PF at least during a 24 hr stretch when
  6. 3 episodes ago (approx 5 years ago), I tried cayenne pepper spray up my nose (used sinus buster bottle). During that 2 month stretch, I was able to abort almost half of my attacks with the spray. I was overjoyed. Since then, the spray hasn't worked at all. Very disappointing but that's the story many come to know with this beast. There's definitely something there.
  7. Yes sir. I learned that trick on this site many years ago. But even a 2mg shot worth is enough to really screw me up compared to none. Just my experience -
  8. In my experience, taking imitrex of any kind extends the length of an episode and increases the frequency of hits. It's something to consider. The other night I resorted to imitrex shots and got blasted the next day/night. By far the worst of my 3 weeks into this round. For me, it's O2, ice, energy drinks\shots, and capsaicin spray up my nose. Extended use of imitrex can be damaging to the heart. I havent read anything about the liver -
  9. Last night I got hit so bad I was in tears. This is rare for me but it happens. My wife came down into our basement asking me what she could do. I could only yell at her to leave me alone. I think mostly everyone would agree that being alone during a hit is essential. My wife brings me zip-locked ice bags, water, and makes sure the kids leave me alone. I am grateful for that. These headaches won't kill us and eventually they go away for a while (sorry chronics, I don't know how you guys deal with this). If it helps I could have my wife respond to you on this board. Stay strong -
  10. Jeebs - thanks as always dude! - I think I'm going to pop 50mg worth around 10 pm and hope for the best, based on both responses. rufftime - It's going to be nuts as we're hitting 2 clubs from 8 - 12. Dave Attell is in that lineup as the most famous name. Here's one back atcha - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwPg2oarG_c
  11. I know many will frown on this idea, but I'm sorta desperate here... My busting attempts this episode have been partially effective. I'm 2 months into my cycle and busted 5 times already (combo vitamins m&rc). I thought I was out of the woods for a few glorious PF days and then the beast came back this week hitting me the last 3 nights. My cycle this time round has been exclusively night attacks. While the busting has reduced the severity, I'm still getting headaches triggered by a drink at night (if I decided to have one) and again after falling asleep (REM attack). My wife plan
  12. I've had this happen to me as well. I typically bust w/ RC seeds and this happened to me the 2nd time I tried busting. The msg board thought it was due to old seeds, which seemed to fit. The seeds I had at the time were 2+ years old. My remedy was to bust again using fresh product with a slightly increased dose.
  13. SonsOfScotland


    I found that it triggers and also aborts a CH. Sadly, most understand that what works one day or one week doesn't work the next or next cycle. But why should we have anything consistent? That wouldn't be fair to the hellish beast we've come to know...
  14. Yes - Meant to say RC - I guess I have camping on the mind... I ordered new seeds as mine were around 12 months old but still waiting for shipment. Last few times I ordered I had issues getting these (diff sites). I divide a 500 bag into 3 doses, typically. So I'm more in the range of 170 per. O2-wise, I have a tank that can flow up to 15, with the traditional rebreather mask. I swap between 12 & 15 flow rates but they don't appear to differ. I give up after 15 min or so. I did have one successful bout with O2 last night, during the 2nd attack. But as soon as I laid down my
  15. My cycles have evolved to 2 years & 2 months apart, like clockwork. I busted with 100 RV approx 2 weeks ago, which showed promise at first, after the hellish rebound effect the following day. Was getting one per night for a few days and then 2 (one at 11 and one after falling asleep for 2 hrs). I could typically knock these out with a combo of capsaicin nasal spray (home made) & ice & patience... But the beast is a clever one and those do nothing. Also, this cycle is immune to O2, which is similar to only one other episode I've had over the years... Last night I got hit
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