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  1. denny: ty, but ...(Potter does have a point) very interested in talking to the danish scientist!
  2. yeah, very nice review. registration was painless
  3. thanks very much man. i think this will be very useful let me digest all this now- I'll have specific questions afterwards I am sure and thank you so much everyone- entire CH community (including everyone who corresponded privately). the amount and quality of information you guys supplied me is absolutly breathtaking
  4. CH-father. ah i see. the only negative angle I am coming from is that if that is the case bio assay's will have to be developed from scratch (ie. more work involved). Potter- I am sure that is the case but what can I say- progress of science is slow and painful (and there is a serious lack of funding in fundamental science and I am feeling the brunt of it currently. In saying that, I am certian it is incomparable to the CH pain so accept my apologies). I'll be clear right now I can't promise anything- reason for me being here is to gain as much information about CH as possible. -is there a
  5. shabooty: http://www.thedailybeast.com/newsweek/2009/10/14/the-psychedelic-solution.html after all's been said and done, I think we understand these molecules more than 2-bromo. I am sure you guys know this much better than me- but everything I've been reading says effect of these treatments are incredible. Ofcourse, law is the law. :-/
  6. (I'd very much caution against ordering research chemicals for personal non research, human use- 1. nobody knows what quality control there is. molecules like this gets made with very toxic, lethal reagents 2. depending where you are use of research chemicals in humans are against the law, 3. 2-bromo LSD hasn't really been through FDA yet- strictly speaking, we do not know yet how dangerous the stuff is to humans) I'd trust the stuff I order from chem suppliers to put into a petrish dish and run assays against cell cultures (for instance. and only after running some tests to make sure it is
  7. hey there Ricardo bekeeber: http://www.lookchem.com/2-Bromo-D-Lysergic-Acid-Diethylamide/ research chemical suppliers do supply these things for research purposes I think...not sure how reliable these suppliers are though. worst comes to worst a total synthesis of the thing would be a solution...(but id rather not- tot syn of bromo lsd looks like it will take atleast a month). this is one of the reasons why i think there is merit in more research even if 2-bromo lsd makes it through clinical trials and gets fda approval etc. in chemistry point of view the molecule is rather complex and it
  8. CHfather - incredible help with those links, thanks a ton. I'll let you (and anyone else in the forum) know if I need to find something more specific after I go through the reading. (in this context could i ask you and others to give a small thought to what I wrote below?) also- is Ricardo still around? sounds like a very knowledgeable person my best plan of action right now is to order some LSD, 2-bromo LSD and have a pharmocologist do some reference assay's so I have something to compare to when novel compounds I have in mind are made...but that is re-inventing the wheel so to speak. if
  9. Hey guys I'm a chemistry PhD student. I watched a documentary on CH and inspired by this I am in the process of designing a medicinal chemistry project with the eventual aim of discovering a compound to treat Cluster headaches. I understand LSD and particularly the non- hallucinogenic Bromo-LSD (BOL-148) is an excellent candidate for treating CH (and is being developed by entheogencorp.com). What I can't find so far in my reading is how exactly this compound works- ie. which receptor interactions are critical in the treatment of CH and in particular, responsible for the incredible remissio
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