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  1. legabonais

    Infusion Treatment Question

    I'm assuming DHE infusions, though my headache doctor didn't specify. I'm 45 with no history or heart disease. What do you mean by busted? MM? Tried that but only in small doses due to availability.
  2. legabonais

    Infusion Treatment Question

    Hey Folks, I'm an episodic suffered of over twenty years and have been in cycle for the past 6 weeks. Verapimil doesn't seem to be helping anymore and oxygen and imitrex injections have been my saviour the past few weeks. I started the Vitamin D3 Regimen 6 days ago and that has cut the headaches down from three per day to about one now. My doctor has suggested I schedule three infusion treatments that last for roughly 6 or 7 hours each. Does anyone have any experience with this?