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  1. Hey All, Hoping someone can send me some information/tips on taking O2(I have the cluster mask - WHICH I RECOMMEND TO EVERYONE) I am lucky enough my benefits do cover the O2 tanks but my provider only has up to E size tank. Any advice on how I can get a larger tank? I live in British Columbia Canada. I am currently going through a bad cycle and am almost going through a tank every two days. I am trying to bust this cycle with 1g shroom and I have had success with DALT while still on my verapamil. I have been unsuccessful this cycle using both DALT and Shrooms on separate occasions. I have not been able to get off my verapamil for about 7 years now, which is starting to make me think I might be chronic. Anytime i lower my dosage I get hit really really bad. I am currently on the D3 reg but I am missing the boran. Is there anyway we can purchase the full regimen from one source similar to the O2 mask. Would be nice to purchase a D3 reg specifically for cluster people in one kit. Maybe its just wishful thinking. Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks!!!! Jkan
  2. Hey All, Unfortunately the cycle is back. I started the d3 reg and busting with DALT back in Nov/2015. The past two and half years have been by far the least amount of attacks I have had. I usually get a cycle every year in the Fall and it will go into January. All thanks to this community I have been pain free (couple random attacks) for two and half years. Now the shadows are starting and I have had an attack almost every second day for the last three weeks. I am trying to taper off the zomaig and imitrex for 5 days so I can do my DALT. I will still be on my verapamil. I have not been able to taper off the verapamil and busted using DALT while on it. I think I have been taking verapamil for about 7 years straight. Anyways... My question..I purchased the DALT in Oct/2015 and stored it in my sock draw and kept it away from light. Does anyone know the shelf life of the DALT? THANKS! JK
  3. thanks for all the great info. Unfortunately I'm in the same boat as Bobb and DD. The flight alone is around $700usd and I'm paying in Canadian Dollar which makes is about $900cnd each for myself and my fiance and thats not including Hotel and food. Does anyone here know when the scholarships will be awarded? and if someone will email me if I do not receive the scholarship? thanks, J
  4. Thanks Eileen! I am going to try my best to make it out there this year. J
  5. Hey All, I have not attended a CB conference and was hoping someone can fill me in as what to expect if I make the trip down this year?? thanks, J
  6. Hey All, I just wanted to check-in and give an update. It has been 3 months NO attacks. Back in November i tried to reduce my verapamil too fast and had some attacks. I have been on the D3 reg since November and i am down to 480mg verapamil a day compared to 720mg i was on for almost a year. I had 3 doses of DALT, but i was still on the verapamil so i dont know if the DALT helped or if it was the D3 reg. Either way it has been a great start to the year and thanks to all of you for your help. I plan on getting my verapamil down even more and hopefully completely off. I will also try a few doses of Vit M and/or DALT when i am off the verapamil to keep this painfree train going strong. THANKS AGAIN!!
  7. Hey, I just wanted to give an update....So I started the D3 regimen 6 days ago (Oct 29th) the first two days I took 10,000 IU of d3 along with the other vitamins. On day 3 I started the loading dose at 50,0000 IU w/ other vitamins. I have not had a attack since, just two shadows which I fought off with drinking water and using ice. I got my 25(OH)D test on Sunday Nov/1. The test results were 91 nmol/L. I cant thank all of you enough for all the input. I know this isn't the end but it is a HUGE improvement. I haven't taking any zomaig or imitrex for 3 days so far, I am on my 4th. I also took my verapamil down from 720mg to 600mg per day. I will take it down to 480mg tomorrow. As for the O2 I am meeting my doctor this Friday regarding the options you guys provided. I should be receiving my DALT any day now and look forward to starting that process. thanks again! all of you!!!
  8. thanks! I think i will go with the 2 week loading schedule... If I'm getting this right my D3 pills are 1000UI each pill...so i will be taking 50 pills a day for 7 days then 40 pills for 6 days then back down to 10pills?????(and the other vitamins each day) Im just confirming cause thats ALOT of pills. Do i have to take all the vitamins at the same time?? I will be meeting my doctor next Friday and plan on getting my o2 and tests done. thanks again for all this information. I have learned a shit load of stuff. I will keep you all posted.
  9. DD, I will start by asking my doctor for a prescription as you described and buy the mask online. thanks again! Spiny, I agree I will start tapering off the verapamil after I have my o2 and feel some response to D3. I usually get my attacks in the afternoon or evening. I used to get woken up to attacks few years back but not since I started the verapamil. When the time Is right I think I will start my tapering off my evening dose and go from there. this might be a dumb question but what it "BP"??? THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL THIS GREAT INFO!!
  10. thanks DD and Batch for all this great info!!!! regarding the vitamin A the label says : Vitamin A (palmitate) (cod liver oil)......3000 mcg RAE (10,000 IU) I don't see any reference to retinoids. I will put in a request to my doctor for the lab test asap.. i started the regimen today. Sorry I'm still i little confused as to how this D3 loading works..currently i am following the schedule referenced in the D3 regimen file (Batch's table)..Can you please explain how the loading works? will i be taking more d3 on top of my regular schedule? DD.. I have tried O2 in the past but my flow only got up to 7lpm...it did help a little bit but i was running out of tanks like after 2-4 attacks. I eventually stopped using it. I just recently learned from this site that i should have had a higher flow. I tried mentioning this to my neuro last week and he said the O2 will mostly delay attacks not completely stop one.....I am still open to trying the O2 and i understand i will most likely need it if I am to detox during a cycle..i just need to figure out exactly what tanks and masks i am to ask for because I don't think my GP has a clue. I will start taking my dose with dinner...should i still be taking my verapamil morn / noon / evening. I can't remember the last time i went 12 hours without taking verapamil. I would prefer to take my verapamil on the same schedule i am currently on and slowly taper off...let me know what you think, from you experience I read some of your comments Batch regarding sun exposer. For the last few years my cycles have started as soon as summer is over. My migraines will start late Sept early Oct and stick around into the new year. I find during the summers i rarely get an attack, I have gone a few months without a migraine in the summer, but i am unable to get off the verapamil all year around. Maybe i have to move somewhere where its summer all year around thanks again for all the help!
  11. also my boron vitamin is 1.5mg compared to the 1mg the "Batch" has suggested
  12. Hi, I went out today and got the supplies to start my D3 regimen...I followed the table CHfather posted back in 2011. Found in the clusterbusters file forum (D3 Regimen). I got a few questions: 1. I could only find Vitamin A in 3,000mcg (10,000 IU)...the table says i should be taking 900mcg (3,000 IU)......is this okay if i take the higher dose? (the gel caps are really small and i can't cut them in half) 2. I have not yet had a lab test for my 25(OH)D..can i still start? 3. I did a lot of reading on the d3 dosing. I'm still a little confused if I should be doing the accelerated approach. (I've had CH for over 10 years and this is the first time i have had a running nose and little stuffy for about 2 weeks now, don't know if this matters) 4. I am currently on 720mg of verapamil. I take 240mg 3x a day (morning, lunch, dinner). When is the best time for me to be taking my d3? I have read that verapamil can be a blocker. This is my first time trying the D3 Regimen....sorry if i have a lot of questions...I have busted once before using Vitamin M few years ago. I have been on Verapamil for a few years now and I am unable to get off the verapamil. When i try to get off i get hit hard and frequently. My neuro said that might have went from episodic to chronic because i am unable to taper off the verapamil all year round. I am hoping the d3 regimen will allow me to taper off the verapamil and then i would like to get on the DALT treatment. Any help is much appriectiated I am getting attacks everyday multiple times a day. thanks all!!!!
  13. Hey Mike Elm, I was also on 120mg 2x morning and 2x night. When i started getting hit with more attacks my neuro told me to up the dose to 120 6x per day. I found this has worked for me in the past. Might be worth asking your doc. Currently I am in a cycle a getting hit pretty hard. 120mg 6x per day is limiting me to about one attack a day. My neuro suggested maybe adding lithuim, going to wait few days and decide
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