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    New Med

    Well I just researched a bit more on this site....and it seems it has been talked about already...darn I thought I was on to something....for my hubby...who has been great!! I attribute that to the D3 though....:) I just hoped that this was a break through...and I am very concerned especially because it is a new drug...
  2. CoryAnn

    New Med

    Happy Snow Day to me!!! Just wondering if any of you ever heard of the med: emgality? Very experience but thankfully free for a year and good insurance....His neuro prescribed it and said it is suppose to prevent them......he seemed very excited about it. Has any one heard of tried this?
  3. My husband takes this and so far it works for him as well, but he also does the VitD3 regime too.
  4. Thanks...he keeps telling me, "I am signing up tomorrow.....but this is a great big huge leap for him....so I will give him some time and then if he doesn't in about another week.....I am going to force him.....by giving him my attitude!!!
  5. Good afternoon, They are back.....but worse...my husband went almost 2 years pf....then, in July they struck again, but very mild....they went away in August and he was mostly pf….Now, back with a vengeance......The good news I just may have signing up here.....:) Not happy they are back....but starting him on the D3...is there anything new I should let him know??? By the end of this weekend, I should have him on here doing some research.
  6. Take care and thanks for all of your help in years past....my prayers and thoughts are with you and your wife.
  7. Just wondering if any of you have ever tried Sinus Buster as an abortive? If so, does it work?? What helps with the stuffiness my husband gets when he does have an attack..... Last time I was on a few years back, I was finishing my School Building Leadership Certificate....well, I finally got my job!!!!!!!! I am happy to announce I am a Student Programs Supervisor....or Supervisor for Special Education.....soo excited......
  8. Gee thanks everyone.. We both thought weird too, that they wanted him to stop...yes...I went and got the vitamins for him....;) I will keep you posted....and yes moxi girl I agree vitamins and natural ways seem much better.
  9. Well, there was nice a break of two years exactly. I can't believe it has been that long!!!!!! I would like to say, the vitamin d3 worked, but he had stopped a year ago....thinking that he didn't need it....also....during this time..he had two massive blood clots found in his lungs, both, and was put on blood thinners....I attribute those clots to the triptans....meds he used to take....because they could not find one single reason for this happening...they did every test they could and found nothing.... I could be wrong he just happened to be taking those meds.....they called him a walking miracle....I find it funny that they recently wanted to try him off the blood thinners and suddenly they are back....not bad...yet, but he has had three of them one major and two small. Any thoughts to blood thinners??? being helpful?? just curious.....anyway can't say I am glad to be back, but I have missed you all tons....life gets busy and I forgot to update periodically but I also graduated with my educational admin degree and have been looking for an Assistant Principal or teacher leader job as well......not that I want to leave my students but want to be a leader..... ooh also...our boat helps his stuff sinuses....weird right? but truth....well I will keep reading...but let me know if anything new....love to all.....
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