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  1. As far as i know, the only way to diagnose CH is by telling the doctor the symptoms, and him saying: yeah... It's CH. Am i wrong?
  2. Kudzu 81mg, 3 times a day + half red-bull at first signs of pain. helped me reduce both attack-lengths and pain level by 80%. Never think any negative thought under an attack - it increases the pain, and you don't want to increase the pain. Be strict with you thoughts because under an attack - they are useless and meaningless, this has been a life lesson for me in self mind-control. hope your pain goes away forever starting tonight.
  3. I think this story is a bit different.. My name is uriel , 32M, from Jerusalem, Israel. Had short cycles every 2-3 years since 11 years ago, never cared to much, not even enough to get checked. Since 30 days ago im in a cycle that i've never had before, the kind the DOES make you go check... Attacks every 48 hours of 2-5 hours, pain level 3-7, consistent, stubborn and long cycle, far longer than ever before. I was emotionally shocked- I suffered PTSD from violance in childhood and I can feel the similarity in the emotional symptoms, like many of you - I have seen a lot in my life, and i
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