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  1. Here we are June 10, what say you? Still no attacks or shadows. Good on ya, I hope the answer is yes. I've tried CBD drops, but more for helping with the anxiety of knowing what's coming (the beast tends to show itself with similar if not identical Kip pain at the same time each day for me.
  2. MM has worked, it never seems to just stop though, so Im hopeful. Ive upped my D3 intake and will try MM again this weekend. Yeah good analogy on the Freddie Kruger comment. The beast just won't let me get to REM, so I'm exhausted and my brain isn't functioning properly. There's a reason they use sleep deprivation as a form of torture. Thanks for the comment Boss!
  3. Hi Everyone, its always interesting how this support structure becomes such low priority when out of cycle. Especially when the cycle has been under control for so long. But here we go again. This one is much different than any other I've been on in the last 11 years. Looking for anyone to confirm if this looks familiar? Only night bangers. This has been the pattern for the last week: 6pm - kip 3, 8pm - kip 5, 10pm - kip 8, 12am - Kip 3, 2am - kip 2, 4am - kip 2, no oxygen on the 8's or anything else, just managing. Once the final "night-time" hit leaves, I have nothing all day until 6pm the following day. Now don't get me wrong, I appreciate not having any day time hits so I can function at work, but it's just weird to me that the beast takes a break during the daylight hours. Anyone had this kind of cycle before? I've tried to bust with MM here the last 2 weekends and will put a 3rd MM trip in this Saturday. With my job I just can't do the 5/5/5 hit schedule as recommended. Comments or advice anyone? May the beast remain tame for all! Stay healthy and stay happy peeps! thanks for reading..
  4. @ CHfather, I have MM on order, I just don't know many folks that play with them anymore (Im getting old). I do not have oxygen, not meds, never tried 5-hour energy or Melatonin. I will research each of those. I remember oxygen was hard to get on my first and last cycle.
  5. I started my first cycle 6 years ago and it went for 3 months. Went through all the BS Im sure everyone goes through when they first start. GP Doc- to CT Scan (no tumor) back to GP who prescribes the wrong med's relating CH to Migraines, etc. Having 3 7-9's per day I was desperate and found MM's. Had a friend come by and one dose killed the beast. I had a few 2-3's and shadows, but believe it or not, I have been CH free for 6 years. Well.....the beast is back. Has been for 3 weeks. I tried a good dose of MM thinking it would do the trick, but, although it stopped the CH's for a couple days, I am now back to 3 per day. Should I try the 3 dose method @ 5 day intervals? If so, (and i realize we are all different) but at what dosage? Do I need to feel the hallucinogenic effects to help? With 3 kids and full time job, its tough to find the free time to dose like that. Also seeds? I cannot seem to research this enough to find 1) where to get them 2) how much to take 3) what regimen. Any comments or help would be very much appreciated. The anticipation of the next "big one" is really wearing me down..
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