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  1. Very interesting topic. I have experimented with cannabis to abort, without much success. I am a daily MJ user, so I am not sure if that has any bearing in it, but I feel that it's more of a trigger for me than a relief. I will look for GDP to experiment with that theory. Hang in there, one day at a time.
  2. I'd also like to chime in here about my experience with prednisone. 2 seasons ago, my doctor put me on,and they cleared up... until it wore off completely, a few days later the beast was back. He gave me a second prescription, I did not finish it, as the side effects were not worth the limited hope it gave me. I rode it out and a week later they were gone. That's pretty much my last, last resort. The following season (last year) I busted w/mm before the cycle started, which was nothing short of amazing(THANKYOU, CB's). Unfortunately, this season they started 6-7 weeks early, so I was not prepared and now trying to bust them after the fact. Anyway, I digress, but wanted to give my experience with that nasty pred.
  3. Awesome, not sure why I didn't consider checking HF! Thanks Racer1 Mike -ex drag and road racer.
  4. Gents, thanks for the replies, it's greatly appreciated. You both (along with many other members here) are a true lifeline for those of us who are trying to make heads or tails out of this journey. No pun intended, I swear. So to reply to J- I am starting to catch it much sooner, I need to learn to hit the mask sooner, even if it just feels like a shadow getting darker. 5 minute aborts sounds wonderful. I have learned that I need to stay on after the hit goes away, I learned that saturday night- 4 hits, all about 30 minutes after the last was "gone". Lesson learned! I do have a non-rebreather mask, it has holes on both sides with a rubber disc/gasket that appears to not let in outside air when inhaling. I have removed the strap and agree it's definitely for the better. I was removing the mask in between breaths only to press the valve and ensure its closed, so the bag fills as quickly as possible. I also found myself squeezing the bag to help force in the o2, but it seems like I need a larger bag or a higher flow rate, I am using 15lpm. I ordered a 25lpm regulator, and of course it's not the right one for my tank, I should have looked closer. I will try deeper breaths to maximize my o2 intake, thanks for the suggestion.
  5. Hi All, I am 2 weeks into my cycle, and finally got the o2, which was not easy as the insurance company was not cooperating. anyhoo... I now have my M60 tank @ 15lpm. I am trying to get down the method for taking the o2. The non-rebreather mask does not seem to work so well for me, but I may be doing it wrong. I felt like breathing normally in the mask, did not give me full o2, but a mix of expelled air and o2 mixed. My method was to fill the bag (hold finger on valve), then breath in deeply (via mouth), remove mask and exhale, then repeat. After about 8 minutes or so, my lips and face would start to tingle- this did not give me a good feeling. Ultimately using this process, I would get the beast to retreat after ~15mins, but the tingling face cannot be good, and I am wondering if I am messing up my o2/co2 levels in the process? I'm actually nervous to use the o2 again because of this feeling. Should I be leaving the mask on, and doing much shallower breaths? I feel like I am emptying the bag and then waiting for it to fill again, at 15lpm. I am aware of the clusterO2 kit but not sure if that is my current issue, and using the o2 again has me very weary. Please offer any suggestions or tips, thanks in advance!! Mike
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