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  1. You all have such good advice and know exactly what your talking about! I'm guna do some reading on the d3 thing and check that out. If I'm confused i will come back to you with questions. Making my own oxygen set up sounds like it might be quite hard? But I have heard of ouch from looking up cluster headaches so I will go back and get the info for the oxygen and take it with me to the docs on Tues. Your right that this stuff needs to stop cos it's holding back pain relief for people. And this is not something anyone should be left to suffer with. I'd never heard of it before any of this
  2. I agree with CHfather, the tablets don't help me quick enough at all. ive only just been prescribed some nasal sprays and used the first one last night and it did help in about half hour but it don't taste great. I'm going to ask about injections and I think you might find a quicker relief from either of them aswell. def find out about the oxygen, I'm going to do the same! I'm in the uk so I'm not sure how your insurance and stuff works. I know how you feel tho, ive been suffering and feeling so depressed...I bet most of the people on here have been through that but I just joined and its nice
  3. hey thank you so much for your replies. sorry I'm only just getting back to you all. ive had a pretty bad few days with them but I have been backwards and forwards to my doctors and hospital. I just cant not take the pain of them and he finally agreed cluster headaches. I was on propranolol and nefopams which as I'm sure you understand doesn't even touch the pain of them but I did get prescribed some verapamil (only just started today, how long do they usually take to start working?) and some nasal spray which did clear my pain in about half hour last night so that was some relief, I'm going t
  4. hello I'm new here and ive been struggling with headaches for a long time now. i get such a pain around my eye that spreads out to my forehead, nose and cheek. its nothing ive ever felt before and this normally lasts about two hours, 1-2 a day for about 2 months then disappears for roughly a year and a half then comes back. its really affecting my life and making me so depressed. the headaches started back up last week and I'm really struggling. ive been to my doctors loads for this and they tell me its a migraine event? but ive tried various painkillers, amitriptryline and now on propranolol
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