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  1. Switlaw, would you mind sharing how long you have had clusters? I take you are episodic.
  2. Swiftlaw, I have been in cycle since May 8. This is my longest cycle ever (25 years ech), so I totally feel your pain and share your anxiety. I was having upwards of 6 blazing headaches a day until July 7, when, three days after busting, they went down to 2 a day. I've busted twice since then but can't quite shake this cycle-I'm still getting about one ha a day. Like you I am wondering when will this bloody cycle stop!? Throughout the day I am dealing with a lot of shadows, too, which are more anxiety producing than the one ha a day. What sucks is that I always have a few weeks of shadows afte
  3. Hello, ChFather - I followed the protocol to the letter - rebreather mask, high flow, everything. I got the script from my GP who was knowledgeable about the use of oxygen for clusters and I matched it to the protocol that was published on the old clusterheadache.com website. But I still rebounded. My neuro at the time said she was aware that Ox can cause bad rebounds for some, and I guess I was that "some." I have been a user of red bull for years and it is a godsend. The caffeine/taurine mix is very effective for me, but it is tough on the system to drink 5 of those a night!
  4. CHfather and Swiftlaw, thank you for your replies. Nice to meet both of you, but, yeah, wish we'd never met I did try oxygen, but it caused rebounds, too. I have a pretty good - no, a great neuro in Dallas; in fact, clusters are her clinical specialty. We have discussed sumitriptan and oxygen, and she agrees that ox and st can cause bad rebounds in some patients and that is certainly the case for me. I have also avoided verapamil because they lengthen my cycle, and again, she is in agreement that V will indeed lengthen a cycle for some patients. My philosophy has (had) always been to figh
  5. From the very, very bottom of my heart, I thank you and all of those who have pushed this forward.
  6. I am brand new to this site, though I have had ECH for 25 years. I have always avoided medicine of all kinds, preferring to just sweat out the episodes. But during the last three episodes, I have experimented with using sumatriptan shots to abort headaches. They are AMAZING until they SUCK. And when the suck, you will want to die. I had suspected they might be causing rebounds and extra headaches, but I wasn't sure because I would only use them two or three times during a 4-8 week episode, and no more. But in my current episode, I have used them twice, separated by only a few days, and my head
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