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  1. Something else I can recommend... Buy a bottle of high quality tumeric powder (curcumin) and black pepper. Every day you can heat up a large cup of milk (lait entier) and when it boils, add a big coffee spoon of tumeric powder and some pepper. Then drink that. It has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and its a good supplement to the D3 regimen. If you can not drink the milk, you can add a tumeric supplement but contrary to what the manufacturers of these supplements want to let us believe, the milk is far more effective. In a few days stiffness in the joins and other possible pain from in
  2. Hello Yann, I am from Belgium. With regard to the vitamin situation here you should have no issues in France to find all the required vitamins. There are many types of supplements available here and most are of a good quality. The only thing here I found problematic is the boron. Not any of the multivitamins available here I have seen contain boron and separate boron supplement is only available in the Netherlands. But as you already did, you can supplement boron from other sources. You do it through honey, I do it through raisins, nuts and dried fruits. These are all good sources of boro
  3. I took it for 5 weeks and it did not do anything... or nearly anything. I often have weak migraines on the left side and yes they did stop during my verapamil period, but it had no effect on the right side where the heavy stuff sits. Most important reason for stopping it was that it did not play well with Zomig.
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    Hello bbane ! As MoxieGirl I have both as well. Heavy migraine sufferer since childhood. Clusters came in 8 years ago around age 40. Although these clusters were needlessly glued into the migraine attacks (I have never had a "normal" cluster headache without migraine onset first) they are very different and you should always be able to differentiate them. Clusters are explosive and FAR MORE painful than migraine but that does not mean that migraine sufferers are better off. In migraine, the headache is only a small part of the experience. There is also the photophobia, phonophobia, nausea
  5. I agree with all what has been said above. Diagnosis can be complicated and it can take a long time before getting there. I have experienced it myself. As a lifelong "hardcore" migraine patient, I started to experience something that looks like cluster headaches 8 years ago during my migraine attacks. Around 1 hours of a sudden increase in very sharp excruciating pain around temple and eye together with autonomic symptoms and sudden restlessness. I found it all very weird as it was clearly very different from the usual migraine attacks. For a long time i thought it was caused by taking tr
  6. Hello mooch ! Interesting story ! Absolutely not the purpose to give a diagnosis here but if I compare your symptoms with the ICDH classification for cluster headache, it does not really match. And as CH is very stereotype with little variation (most sufferers have mostly all the same symptoms) I would suspect there is another type of headache at work here. But of course only a headache specialist is able to make an accurate diagnosis or rule out certain headache types. However, you are talking about migraine. That is a very different beast that can take on all kind of forms and shap
  7. Hello, Although this is an old topic, I want to hook in here as its one that personally affects me. Well if you have read my earlier posts, I am such a case that should fit into this fuzzy "cluster migraine" description. I just describe here a bit further what has happened to me over the past years: I have always had migraine without aura from childhood (I a now 49), so my entire life more or less, and they were always episodes of 24 up to 48 hours of normal migraine. A deep throbbing pain accompanied with nausea, photo-phobia and so on. Really the very standard migraine but always s
  8. Hello Lily, If possible you must give oxygen a try. I am one of those rare cases where the very serious migraine w/o aura that I am suffering from since a child has gradually morphed into CH over the last 8 years but with still some typical migraine characteristics (like every attack takes 12 hours to gradually build up to its maximum, then pull back to 50 % of the pain for a few hours and then increases again to maximum and so on). When at maximum I have all the typical CH symptoms but honestly I have never thought of CH until I visited a migraine/CH specialist neurologist. He diagnosed
  9. Hi Mit12, From what i could read from your other posts in this forum I have exactly the same as you. With me migraine always start with an attack of mild intensity between 4 - 5 am. Always the same time. By the time I get up however, the headache is gone and I can function normal. But if around early afternoon I start to feel my right ear glowing and a slight pressure on my eye followed by slight dizziness and when the nausea and aversion for light start to kick in its time to go into a dark room in my bed and rest. But then the intensity is gradually increasing and increasing. The p
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