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  1. I am curious as anyone experiences shadows on the opposite side of their head from the side they get attacks on? I seem to experience shadows on the left side of my head and behind my eye during my cycle more than on the right side in which my attacks occur. Is this normal or something others experience?
  2. Thanks so much Jon for the clarity of the issue, I also developed an anxiety disorder this year (panic disorder) which I got treated with cbt therapy but am still very anxious during my cycles. After reading about “busting” I am curious as to whether I have inadvertently helped myself over the years by doing magic mushrooms as well as mdma (I would get hallucination effects from this drug). Also in my early 20s I did a whopping 7g of mushrooms alone and had a breakthrough experience/ego death, I am now wondering if this is what triggered cluster headaches for me or perhaps saved me from longer
  3. Hi my name is Brian and I am new here and have a quick question! I am 28 I have been having cluster headaches since my early 20s and as you all know the pain is unreal. My question though is about the nature of my cycles as I seem to have 2-4 cycles a year lasting only from a single day or two up to 10 days (longest it’s ever been). Is this abnormal as everything I read about cluster headaches suggests cycles are much longer than just a few days, I have all the normal symptoms of the headaches, the triggers associated with the headaches as well but my cycles don’t seem to fall at the exact sam
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