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  1. Yeah really, like the chest pains aren't scary enough..I have a 80 scf O2 tank I been using about 6 yrs. I went a while without using it but it works when I'm desperate.
  2. For anyone that's done it, does it work good? Ketamine always sounded extreme to me but maybe small enough doses aren't psychoactive? Then again CH is as extreme as it gets.
  3. Good for you DD. I remember on the old clusterheadaches.com ppl would get told they don't have Ch if weed gives them any relief. Or everyone would say it was a definite trigger. For me, at it's worst cannabis doesn't make a difference, but at best it gives me relief.
  4. I don't think so at all . Most of you know not all weed is the same. Besides the big differences in THC and CBD , different weed strains have different terpene profiles (taste profiles) which is what makes each strain work different. Overuse/high tolerance makes it less effective, but it works sometimes. I'm not liking all these off label pharma drugs they're giving us. Steroids etc..
  5. It took a while to START working , and when I stopped taking the D3 it took awhile to STOP working so I think it's easy for people to get discouraged with the regimen. My advice is be consistent taking it even if you don't think it's working. BATCH, it's good to see you posting still.
  6. My pain is almost always on the right side in the same place, but when I take imitrex or relpax I sometimes get a left sided rebound several hours later. Sometimes its worse than the original , not always though. This is the main reason I hesitate before using triptans.
  7. I'm starting to take vitamin d regularly again after a few years of not taking it. It's been about a week but I'm not feeling any differences in pain yet. I wasn't sure if it was what made the difference the first time but I feel it did help the intensity and frequency that I was getting hit.
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