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  1. 3 hours ago, Pebblesthecorgi said:

    To those who are new to this site please do not get victimized by this BS.

    Agreed. This thread can drift away.

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  2. I am in a cycle and came down with a upper respiratory/sinus infection. When this happens my CH activity gets worse so I chose to do a Prednisone taper, in addition to increasing my D3 intake.

    While I hoped it would also end this cycle, it did not. 

    This taper was only 5 days. My previous experience with an effective Prednisone taper started at 60mg over 5 weeks.

  3. Hey Elrik,

    My neurologist refers to us as "Tic-Tacs"...

    I'm familiar with what you've described.

    Episodic CH diagnosed in March 2018 and my TN was confirmed earlier this year, experienced both TN1 and TN2... 

    Fortunately my TN flare ups are infrequent and my CH is under control with treatments found here on the forum.

    Feel free to shoot me a private message, I'll be happy to help where I can.


  4. @jon019 agreed!

    Start with your family and communicate... And then communicate some more. In my home, our own form of sign language is evolving. It helps when I'm about to get hit, getting hit, etc. Things like thumbs up, down, hat on backward, sunglasses on inside.

    I downplayed the hell outta CH at work, things only got worse at work.

    Try to get a mini plan at home that works and implement variants of the plan throughout other portions of your day to day life.

    Shame on CH, not you. Ya hippie! :D

  5. 2 hours ago, andy63thisyear said:

    Relief via vigorous exercise for 15 minutes?

    Hey Andy,

    You're not alone here. I experience relief when I go running, but if I don't run long enough, it will continue build... 30 minutes is generally my sweet spot.

    If you have an oxygen tank, you can inhale enough oxygen to abort the attack within minutes and you won't even have to turn on the treadmill.

    Pain Free Wishes!

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  6. You've come to the right place. We're all "like-minded" :D individuals.

    It can seem like learning another language, but with enough research you'll begin to speak it (after 15 years :( you have a good start)

    The best place to start on site is the "new user read here first" link at the top.

    Good luck keeping up the fight.


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  7. @Freud I read about what I think @Batch referred to as the cascading effect or something like that, so I started introducing benadryl  to my routine. I ended up taking 25mg every 4 hours and before bed I took 50mg. I did that for about 2 weeks until $hit started to hit the fan and I simply started forgetting to take them.

    The infection piece crossed my mind but there are no current indicators and my kiddos are typically the first sign of an infection that's about to wreak havoc on the home, but they're fine. I'll keep my feelers out there.

    As additional info, I checked my D3 results back from August 2018, they were 47.9 ng/mL, so progress is being made for sure.