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  1. Sorry to hear this @MoxieGirl hang in there, and know that we are all here for you. Clusterman
  2. I found that oral CBD triggers worse and more painful clusters when in a cycle. =( Clusterman
  3. @CHfather You are an amazing help and I appreciate you taking the time to answer me back in my time of need. I have tried to bust this cycle 4 times, which is when I went back on the Verapamil because I just couldn't get the cycle to stop and needed some relief. Thank you again for your continued help.
  4. Thank you @CHfather the only medication I was taking prior to busting was Verapamil and the D3 Regimen. I had discontinued other medications for at least 5 days as recommended. I have Attention Deficit Disorder however and wonder how long I need to continue to wait until returning to my daily use medication for it. ClusterMan
  5. Thank you @Dallas Denny do you know how long you have to wait before returning to your normal daily use medication?
  6. First of all, thank you for all the amazing support I have found on this site over the years. Seriously life-saving. Just wanted some clarification on after BUSTING do you avoid all medications and vitamins for a period of time? Or do you go back to the D3 regimen the next day while still avoiding certain meds that could trigger or mess up the CLUSTER BUSTER Session? Want to make sure I am on the same page. ClusterMan
  7. Thank you!! I will see how much the O2 will cost through insurance and keep you posted on my progress. So far I am still waiting to hear if insurance is going to approve it.
  8. Thank you! Hats great O2 Info. Yes I have a feeling the HCG has something to do with it. I was taking it to increase my sperm count for helping to get my wife pregant and up my free testosterone levels. The doctor started me on clomephine 1 pill a week and I took that for several months without issue then he decided to switch me to HCG. Nearly as soon as I started the HCG I think is when I may have started to get shadows. Then the headaches progressed. I tried 3 subsequent times to bust the cycle all about 5 or more days apart and they felt like they were going to bust the cycle but as soon as I took the HCG again they ramped up. So I do think there is a correlation at this point.
  9. Thank you @CHfather my neurologist said she was willing to prescribe O2 and I spoke with insurance today they said they would cover 80% after my deductible has been met for durable medical equipment. So fingers crossed it will work out. I have started the D3 Regimen and verapamil for now. I have stopped taking most all other medications I am prescribed and hormone therapy medication I was on previously in hopes this helps as well. So far this has helped the clusters from getting more painful however the cycle is still going and they are still frequent.
  10. Thank you @Batch I really appreciate you taking the time to help. I know that I am vitamin D deficient for sure. I am currently taking a look at the protocol. My only concern is I am also susceptible to ongoing kidney stones so taking large levels of D3 could solve one problem and create another. I am doing some research on this one to make sure I don't start creating stones. Do you know if taking my Attention Deficit Disorder medication such as Adderall can interfere with the D3 protocol or cluster headaches in general? ClusterMan
  11. Thank you both very much for taking the time. Is there a preferred delivery device for oxygen? I am going to contact my insurance and see if they cover it.
  12. Please let me know your findings. I think there must be some merit to it as I was being prescribed HCG recently for hormone replacement therapy and I believe it actually triggered the attacks somehow effecting my Hypothalamus negatively. So maybe the clomephine has a way of properly regulating something with the hypothalamus/hormones. I called the doctor and he said to stop taking the HCG immediately and switch to clomephine citrate in place of the HCG. So naturally being in a cluster cycle now I was scared and started googling Clomephine and cluster headaches and found the link above saying it could actually help.
  13. Thoughts? Has anyone tired this? https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/25828543/
  14. Hello, fellow Cluster Heads, I have had cluster headaches for 15 years now. They started in my mid-twenties. I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't use recreational drugs and drink minimal caffeine as it can trigger me. I have been able to bust them over the years with some of the PSI techniques I have learned here. However this cycle I have been unable to bust them after 3 subsequent tries. I broke down and went to a neurologist today who prescribed me verapamil, sumatriptan nasal spray and she was open to prescribing me several other medications if I didn't want to take the Sumatriptan due to me being very wary of it and it making my headaches worse when taken orally many years ago. I believe the other options she said were nasal lidocaine, lithium, ergotamine and possibly Aimovig - CGRP inhibitor. Is there one, in particular, that will help me break my cycle and get this under control? My usual methods of busting the cycle have not worked. Also, I should note that two things were different this time when I was trying to bust the cycle. I continued to take my ADD medication, Adderall after attempting to bust the cycle as well as HCG and Arimidex as I am on male hormone replacement therapy currently. Those three medications were the only things different that continued to take that I can think of when trying to bust this cycle beside some other supplements my general practitioner has instructed me to take for hormonal balance. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. CusterMan
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