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  1. Hey thank you so much for that information Batch! Apologies for not replying sooner, I was bedridden haha! I will definitely give this a try, hopefully by the time my neurologist appointment arrives I'll already have this as a solution.
  2. Thanks for the replies! I'm currently not in a CH cycle, just migraines, which is very unpleasant but not more than I can handle. I'm waiting on a couple of upcoming appointments with my GP and a neurologist to discuss oxygen and so on, but I'll definitely look at other things I could try! Edit: CHfather, I was given pill triptans, which I hear don't work fast enough to be that useful? I'll have to bring that up too.
  3. Been suffering from clusters with migraines for about five years now, and though they've been diagnosed for these last three years, when I go to a doctor they still insist that it's a sinus issue. This was of course the diagnosis I got in the first few times I went, before I knew what was happening. I get that the location of the pain is similar, but believe me, I've had sinusitis before and it's nothing like this! I was in so much pain a couple of weeks ago that I was in A&E and despite informing the doctor what was going on she 'diagnosed' it as sinusitis and sent me home with amoxicilli
  4. I was put on Indo after triptans failed to do anything for me, and found it was actually highly effective for awhile - as long as I popped one when I felt a cluster starting up, it cut it from my usual two weeks down to about one, and only the first two or three days were severe, rather than the whole period being pretty much the same. Sadly this seems to have stopped now because the last few weeks have been hellish. But, yes, it can be a good thing for some of us. I can't say I had any problems in the gut from it, but I'm on lansoprazole for acid reflux anyway.
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