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  1. Hey gise spiny sent me a wonderful message but I don't really understand because I don't know what busting is could someone please explain and were can I find the d3 reagement I have searched for it and can't find it??
  2. PYeah sorry to heard mate my family don't get it I'm sick if telling people or explaining what's going on.Not many people have seen me have them I stay at home not even when i call 000im so sick of them telling me to find a comfortable place to sit my good i said i have a CH not a migrane i can't possibly stay still and I used to call them 4 times a day for 5 months of the year I'm still very confused why people don't try those alternative underground treatments I'll find out if they work for me can anyone tell me if the verapamil works as a preventing CH and what is this MM everyone is talking about and what is busting?? Thankyou.if we know oxygen works and triptamens and d3 and the rest why can't we rid of this bull forever I whant to start doing chemistry so I can be with the people that are making new meds?????can anyone please touch on this??we know so much but how we no nothing is a very true statement.peace to all suffering.
  3. I took a tone of mushrooms when I was young 15 years later I have cluster headaches I wonder if hulucinagens can also cause them
  4. Is that true about CH sufferes just curious I won't go into it now but I'm well yeah but I put that down to a few other things and because of the sycadelics but anyone I meet that has done these things seem to be switched on a lot more than others ever since the movie six cence came out I always say to myself I see silly well stupid people everywhere I don't mean it like that and I get a laugh out of it just curious because I don't know any CH sufferes
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