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  1. maskedmarvel

    Please Help

    Geez.. 48h without one. I just woke from a weird dream where I was crying uncontrollably.. I woke up with a 50% headache.
  2. maskedmarvel

    Please Help

    Thanks so much everyone. I am now pretty much headache free for over 24h. I had a small one later on yesterday.. Today I actually feel pretty good and even went out and watched a little tv this morning. I am glad you told me that about fermented foods since I like kombucha and thought of having one. I have been eating fermented vegan protein bars but luckily they did not seem to trigger one. I don't feel quite out of the woods yet and am still taking it easy. Thanks to clusterbusters this is sooo not as bad as the last time I got them. Its been less than 2 weeks since they started and I feel like I'm turning a corner. I feel some traces of a headache here and there but its not escalating. I am going to wait 5 days since the last shroom dose and take them one more time. I have been taking cbd oil 2-3x per day since Saturday and I think that might be helping as well. Hopefully I'm on my way out of this and can be someone who can help others with it. I am seeing a lot of lists of trigger foods.. And am wondering what actually is ok to eat.
  3. maskedmarvel

    Please Help

    Thank you so much. Someone told me today that thier dad had cluster headaches and it was related to a liver thing. Have you ever heard of that? I was once diagnosed with a slightly large liver but a follow up test was deemed "not worrisome". I am unable to find any info linking CH to liver function.
  4. maskedmarvel

    Please Help

    Hello I have gotten these for about a month in 2012, 2015, Feb of 2017 and now starting about a week ago. This is the first time that I really know what it is. The day before I got them I was drinking a few beers with friends. I rarely ever drink but have a history of smoking weed a lot and depression.. I am sort of kicking myself now for being depressed before this as I feel like if I could just be free from CH I would be so much more willing to accept what life brings. My sister happened to have shrooms so I ate them here and there on Christmas morning from 10am and had the last bit around midnight. Boxing day I got a couple but they were only about half strength. I thought I was good to go on the 27th but I learned the hard way that cheese can trigger a headache.. And trying to smoke weed that day kind of brought them back a bit as well.. They were milder until yesterday morning.. I went and got some cbd oil. I have been taking the cbd regularly and they seem to be keeping them at bay but I still feel traces of CH and am afraid to do anything. I took shrooms again yesterday evening and it seems like I waited long enough (3.5 days or so) because I felt the affects of the shrooms.. However they were less effective on the CH this time. If anyone can help me "bust this cycle" I would be very grateful. My heart goes out to people who have gotten them more frequently than me. A few insights I had that might help others.. If you are getting one do not curl up in a ball or sit holding your head etc.. I find walking outside while breathing deeply into your lower abdomen makes it a lot more bearable. Maybe this is old news, or maybe some will disagree but I am certain chronic tension is playing a role here. In my early 20s I started getting pain\discomfort in a specific area\pattern on the left side of my neck. When the headaches started it was almost like the familiar neck pain had mutated into a painful headache following a period of great stress. I have spent a lot of time over the last 5 years or so doing a lot of stretching and self myofascial release (foam roller, lacrosse ball etc) and I feel like that might account for my relatively low frequency of CH over the years. Recent discoveries in fascia "fascial research" has shed light on a lot of physical issues. Searching for Tom Myers on youtube would be a good place to start.. Also a book called Move Your DNA by Katy Bowman really opened my eyes on how our bodies adapt to our "mechanical environment" (how often we sit or do repetitive movements etc).