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  1. I want to send a Thank you to all That helped me get through 8 months of what was thought to be Cluster cycle, after my neck surgery I have been headache free, its crazy that I couldn't tell the difference from a cervical and a Cluster being I have suffered clusters for a few years Again Thanks to everyone I will be checking in and hope all I have learned will someday let me help with solid advice for somebody, Peace and God Bless
  2. Freud thank you for your support you have advised me on every part of this journey and I appreciate you and all the others on this forum I am on 6 moths of cluster/cervical headaches this is taking me to a dark place man don't know what else to do
  3. Hello can someone advise me I have sumatriptan injections 6mg I break them down to get about 4 doses does the same rule apply that I can only do 2 doses in a day I would think the micro dose I could do all 4 and still be safe, I am getting hit every 4 to 6 hours with Kip7-8 I find the small dose knocks them out any advice would be helpful I have done D-3 Topamate, Steroids, and M/M come to find out what I thought was a cycle of clusters is a neck injury that is causing headaches the sumatriptan works and I put the pain just under what I get when in cluster cycle same side of head it really mirrors a cluster with out the feeling of clogged sinus and the pain is a little more generalized to temple and eye and neck
  4. Batch I am waiting my results on blood work I will post when I receive them if I need to tweak the V-d3 let me know I did try to load but didn't feel any change
  5. Last week my DR wanted me on Topamax I refused, The side effects are to extreme
  6. CHfather I am waiting on my 1st flush of MM i have done hbwr not sure if they work that good just got RC seeds how many should I do to bust
  7. will the o2 machine work as good as the bottles so you wouldn't need delivery's?
  8. Dallas Denny my Nero doc said the same thing I have CH for a few years when ever I get a cycle I have neck pain it would be my 1st indicator that a cycle was going to start but I didn't have any neck injury, Freud your so right I explain to my wife that it consumes me which in turn causes anxiety and depression I try and live a normal life but always fearful that an attack is going to happen Thanks
  9. I have been in a 4 month cycle I have been doing the Batch vitamin D regiment o2, My CH have been about a 3 or 4 since starting that (THANKS AGAIN BATCH) I have just did an MRI of my neck for another reason and have a herniated disc and nerve impingement, Ok the crazy thing is I am putting together a time line and neck injury coincides with my cycle has anyone ever heard of a pinched nerve in C 6-7 and C8 causing CH I need Dr to get on same page I know there CH because when there to bad sumatriptan injections work, Am I wrong for thinking there is a connection. Any info would help I have my 1st Batch of MM growing but still a few weeks away from a flush, I do on occasion get a CH full blown 10 while I am sleeping it seems to always hit when sleeping why is that
  10. Thanks I just ground some HBWR I been low dosing I have a few days to get sumatriptan out of system then going to try high amount of HBWR till I get up and running on MM, I will reach out to Batch see if maybe he has some advice
  11. Need some help, I started d3 regiment over a month ago it works great had shadows but nothing to bad had a few CH about 4 or 5 on scale I busted with HBWR 3 days after my last dose bam the last 3 nights 1 hour after I go to sleep the beast hits at about a 7 I do oxygen that helps but I have heavy shadows or a return of the beast within a few hours, I am at least 2 months in and I wont have any MM to try for a few months, the other night I did a sumatriptan tablet 25mg only because I was out of o2 Does any of this make sense? do I need to change d3, This causes a lot of anxiety Xanax helps but I am not a fan of Pharma. If anyone can give me recommendations I would appreciate it. This only my 2nd cycle in 2 years so I figure I am not chronic, So for rambling just confused on all this
  12. I started d-3 a few weeks ago it has worked I still get shadow type headaches but nothing so bad I believe its very important to do the magnesium and k-2 I would ask Batch he is the one who gave me the info and seems to be very knowledgeable on this
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