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  1. gary6454

    Verapamil helping, hurting, or doing nothing?

    I just started on the Verapamil er 120 mg twice daily. Is the slow release Verapamil better?
  2. gary6454

    Vitamine D3

    Can't even begin to thank Batch enough!! He's probably saved many lives with his d-3 regiment. I am 65 now and my clusters started in my 30's. Took forever to get diagnosed and then they gave me prednisone which after taking the headaches came back. Tried it all and when I first saw Batch with his vitamin regimen I laughed and thought he was nuts, but I was willing to try anything at that point. Lo and behold in less than a week the headaches subsided and went away. Can't thank Batch enough for what he has done for me and other sufferers. By the way I am episodic... Not chronic.
  3. gary6454

    Is ch linked to dental work?

    Just ordered the bio tech d-3 50,000 iu and will take this for a week to try and combat the onset of a real attack!!
  4. gary6454

    Is ch linked to dental work?

    I have been CH free for 3+ years thanks to Batch and the d-3 regimen. Last week I went to the dentist and had teeth grinded down and 2 caps put in... This week the shadows have returned. So I am thinking the dental work may have triggered it... Who knows?