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  1. Yes. I used to use them regular3 because I couldnt get o2 from a Dr. They are a waste imo. 20$ per can and might last 1 headache. Plus it's not high flow. Might as well save your money and suffer thru the pain
  2. LKD06


    I just noticed this as well. Recently I was taken off lexapro which is an anti anxiety and literally within weeks my cycle started, even though I am relatively early, like 8 months. I also quit smoking at tje exact same time. I think we all tend to be heavy smokers because of the serotonin problem. Honestly I am glad that I figured this out. It might also be why the D3 regimen works so well.
  3. Where exactly do I get aviator oxygen?
  4. Hahaha that would make more sense
  5. Its called sinus plumber. Its not a prescription. Its just helps with the runny nose and teary eyes I get, plus kind of dulls the pain.
  6. This is puzzling to me. Do you mean actual cylinders with oxygen in them, which you use with a regulator and a mask, or are you talking about those cans with a couple of liters of oxygen in them that you just spray directly into your mouth? Or something else? I'm just curious about this.  They are these little mini oxygen things that are made for hikers. They are semi effective, but after reading what everyone wrote about the welding o2 or going to a medical supply, I am going to go that route. I didnt know about these things because anytime I have asked for o2 from a doctor they have not allowed me to get it. So I thought those mini oxygen tanks were my only option.
  7. tIthe significance of this question is that I do not want to prolong a cycle because I am not taking medication. It has been a long time since I have not taken meds and I dont remember how long my cycle lasted. I do get oxygen, they are small oxygen tanks that I buy at the pharmacy, but they are costly and I have to pay out of pocket. Ill look into welding oxygen and look up the d3 regimen
  8. Ive had an MRI but it wasn't during a cycle so the neurologist just assumed that what I was given was good enough. Maybe I should go to a headache specialist instead. But anyways, I know what meds I could be taking, such as oxygen and stuff. My question is whether anyone has gone a cycle without taking any meds such as prednisone or imitrex? And what their experience was
  9. For me, the cycle begins slow, like 1 every 2 or 3 days. Then it moves to 1 every day. At the peak of my cycle I am at 3 a day and then suddenly they stop. Mine don't taper off, they just stop. What I can say is that if you are in your peak part of the cycle, it is orobably on its way out. Also try and remember how long this cycle lasts, as well as, how long previous cycles may have been. My cycle is about 6 weeks, I'm at week 4 rn, so I should be ending soon. But I just keep track of time.
  10. What type of injection is it, imitrex? Ive never even been offered it. Ive only had one doctor in my past even prescribe me oxygen, which was the doctor who diagnosed me and gave me all the medication I currently know to take, because most doctors have no idea what cluster headaches even are. So I havent been given any other ideas to help. Also I am taking D3 and magnesium way more than normal, as well as, a little cbd at night. If I take too much cbd; however, it can trigger an attack, so I have to be super careful with that. But just enough will make me get a great night sleep as well as no attacks the next day. I'm assuming it is because the cbd makes me very relaxed. Being relaxed is a trigger for me.
  11. Oh trust me I am dying but I just don't seem to have many options anymore as I think my body is used to the meds or something. Ive taken promethazine which seems to help the most out of everything lol and I cant get oxygen. I'm sorry your chronic, prayers to you man. I can't even imagine the half of what you go through. The only thing that makes me madder than anything in this world is to know that someone is suffering with what I go through, exceot they have it worse than me
  12. Twitching eyelid definitely happens to me before my cycle. People probably think I am crazy because the couple weeks before my cycle starts when all I have going on is my eye twitching I will look at them with all the fear in my face and tell them my eyelid is twitching lol if only they knew what I was aboyt to endure they would understand why the eye twitching terrifies me. I will also say that I have a serious feeling of being depressed maybe a week before. I'm not sure if it is because the hypothalamus is sending out wrong signals or if it is because I subconsciously know its about to start
  13. Im on medicaid and the government refuses to give oxygen to cluster headache sufferers. The best I can do is get these little oxygen tanks from the grocery store but they are fairly expensive.. I honestly have just been suffering through my attacks and am just wondering if I might be prolonging my cycle. Ive had CH's for 17 years now and the last time I didn't take medication was before I was diagnosed, like 15 years ago so I cant remember how that went.
  14. I was wondering if anyone has every gone through a cycle without medications? Did it make your cycle longer or shorter, or not make a difference at all? I am currently in a cycle right now and am doing my best to not get any meds. Prednisone no longer does anything for me and imitrex has the rebound headaches so I dont want to waste my time with those, so I am basically only using capsasin cream around my eye and jaw, allergy pills and this nasal spray specifically for cluster ha. I'm on week 4 and normally my cycles last 6 weeks, but I dont know if I am doing a bad thing by not taking the meds?
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