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  1. 15 years and they came back? I'm on year 20 and bust whenever I used to get them. Was chronic until I got it right. First medicine was methysergide and it doesn't take a scientist to see that is related to lysergide. That's really all you need to know to start researching. Peace
  2. You discovered the magic of pharmaceutical companies! Triptans work for migraines, but still haven't talked to anyone where a triptan works over an extended time, say ten years. The one's I know who have taken them a long time are psych patients. They didn't start out as psych patients and every one had been on long term triptans. So, you can keep wondering if they work and risk being racked by a series of kip 9's or just use what is suggested by the longtime sufferers who have beaten the beast for up to 20 years. Psychedelics work, we've proved that, yet people are afraid that they'll get brain damage! Smashing your head causes brain damage, psychedelics are fun. Sub hallucinogenic doses may help for awhile, but I had to do a 1mg dose to stop them. I'm celebrating 20 years HA free. Even though I did psychedelics when young, I never detoxed correctly and still took 14 years to get it right. It's an experiment, but has worked for me and at least 92 others. Sometimes you just have to help others. It's actually really cool to take an 18 yo who knows nothing but pain and cure him in 8 hrs. Watching a kid's parents who can't do anything about it is heartbreaking. It's imperative that we pay more attention to teens with clusters as they are more likely to commit suicide. Handing the now confident adult back to their parents is also cool. We have companies in California that will come to your house and dose you so there's no excuse to see a dr for poison. Cost me $10 for 20 years HA free. How much are triptans now? Not that cheap or effective. Peace
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