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  1. Got 3, but, sad to say the sizes were way off. I’ll be donating all of them to goodwill. This was why I asked if they were true to size. I ordered women’s 2x (size 18-20) and instead received a misses XXL (size 12-14) fyi - XXL and 2x are not the same size. XXL is a misses size meaning juniors/young adult sized. Whereas 2x is a women’s plus size - a very big difference in sizes The art work was nice though...sad I can’t wear either of my shirts. Neither can my mom, I also ordered her a shirt
  2. Got mine: 2- “Lady suffering ” in Kelly and Navy, for me. Same in grey for mom, my support person. My sister is ordering one in pink. Thanks for posting this Dallas Denny! And many thanks to the artist!
  3. I was wondering on the women’s shirt, are these relaxed or form fitting? And are they true to size?
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