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  1. Thanks Spiny, that's the regimen I'm on!
  2. Thanks! Thst helps a lot. I took my Verap this evening, and it will be about 12 hrs separated from the D3 in the morning. I suppose I'll just go evenings with Verap from here out. May go to 240mg tomorrow as that seems to be the entry level dose for some effectiveness. I'll probably just start the Pred regime in the am with the D3 then.
  3. Hey team, need a little help here and advice on dosing and a schedule to take everything I plan on taking. I don't remember ever taking this many things before, so I need a little advice from the veterans or those who have experience with all this. Here's what I currently take in the morning D3 regime and 25mg Zoloft (for anxiety/depression). At night I started taking additional 400mg of Magnesium and Zoloft again. This is what I was just prescribed and need to know when I should take these: Prednisone taper (60 mg/day for week, 40mg/day for 4 days, 20mg/day for 4 days, then 10mg/day for
  4. Quick follow-up question. I got the pred taper RX and I got standard verap as well. When should I take my doses? I'm on the D3 regime and take those in the am. Should I also start the verap now that it's normal one, and when? Any suggestions? I messaged Batch, but haven't heard anything yet.
  5. Thanks all! I've reached out to my PCM to see about getting the pred taper for the trip. As for the caffeine, I have tried it and it does seem to help for the most part. However, I chugged a fresh brew of cold coffee the other night while I was in the middle of a hit, and it seemed to make it worse. Which was weird because energy drinks usually help, so I'll stick to those besides coffee. Definitely will grab the 5hr energy. Chugging the big cans can be difficult. As for Batch, seeing his posts really was uplifting and encouraging! It's so frustrating to me that we sufferers are often the
  6. Hey Kat, thanks for the reply. I did see the thoughts on low tank level maybe not being as effective, but I don't ever remember that being an issue for me before. I used to be able to drain the last bit of oxygen in my tanks with the same success as the first hit on one. I am going to pay more attention to it though. Especially when it comes to my E tanks, I think there might be something there to follow... Thanks for the welcome and suggestion!
  7. BustorNothing, reading your post felt so dang familiar to me. Your cycles and rhythms are very close to mine. To include your comments about the 3-a-days being unusual, I am in a cycle where this is exactly happening to me too, thinking it's weird because it's so early in the cycle giving me false hope of the peak. I just made my first post earlier, but we share the same views on the sprays and O2 and energy drinks. But honestly, with this cycle being way different than those before, I've had to drop my resistance and spray then mask. Other wise, I keep having to go back to the tank, draining
  8. Hello Team, First post, but long-time episodic sufferer. Well, long-time is relative and not really so compared to others here. I'm 37 and got my first cluster when I was 19. I'm active duty Air Force, and my first cycle was actually right after basic training in 2003. I had no idea at that time that the beast in my head would be something that revisits me every year to 2.5 year time frame. I have been serving for 17.5 years. Through those years, I have gotten CTs, MRIs, misdiagnosis's, pain killers, and plenty of frustration in the military health care system having to explain my ca
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