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  1. Mine is awesome... my other half. I'm 6 going on 7 years chronic... only a break for 2 weeks here and there If I'm lucky. O2... your friend. My spouse gets me a roll if toilet paper... pillows to sit up in the bed... sets up the couch in case I pace... I'm more of a rocker. Gets me a cold pack, some water my energy drink and leaves unless I try to communicate. This did not happen right away I had to tell him over and over there's nothing he could do. He knows now it'll be over... then it's back to regular life when I wander out whipped by the demon... but smiling with mascara running down my face... exhausted but smiling... best guy ever. You have to communicate with your partner what you need... or don't need and it'll get to be a norm... best of luck for your family...and pf days and nights
  2. Hhh

    Soooo Done!!!!

    I have looked into the set up... it's the affordability of everything unfortunately. But I still plod along. I am nocturnal as well...9 ...930 every night. This week earlier which is a little different but so is the weather... that effects my demon. Truly the most break I get is 2 weeks, f#@k.. Im 6 going on 7 years same schedule. I accept it. I know it. I live it I hate it. He is a keeper. Although I apologize terribly the whole time and I know it kills him. I get my levels checked now and then and just stay on the regimen because it helps. I just hate it... I'm being wimpy this cycle and I don't know why. I have tells lol I start winking... all my friends actually know before me because I wink at them it's a little funny... they will say " hey lady you better head home your going to fall out." I thank all if you so much for letting me vent thank you for letting me know I'm not alone wishing all pf days and nights!!!
  3. Hhh

    Soooo Done!!!!

    Thank you! Yes I do the regimine...cluster father shared a few years ago... so grateful for everyone's input. I feel for my other half... he is amazing, truly all these years right there and knows to leave me alone, today after all these years, was the fist time after an attack that i felt like i should jump off a cliff. I won't, i know better but what the f@#$ , I'd love just a few more pf days. Alas no insurance and no oxygen and I know it works at least shortens it... in case others are reading newbies... it works. I have a question though... do others of you find that prior to an attack that you get angry, agitated, I've been realizing... after the attack that it is a precursor before I get slammed.
  4. Hhh

    Soooo Done!!!!

    Thank you! I do d3, energy drinks, you name it !! I've got it. Even when I had oxygen it did work nightly. But everyday they come back. D3 helps the length of them which is really appreciated. I'm just tired. So i came here to remember I'm not by myself and I'll live until tomorrow... but some days kick my ass... sorry for the profanity but I'm angry today...I want it to just stop.
  5. I just posted myself that I'm so done. I'm 6 plus years and chronic only max 2 week break... ever. I come here...I realize I'm not alone!!! Although most people with us don't know just how bad it is....I remember what I am and how strong I am and hang on to that. I hope you feel better soon!!!
  6. Been here before... forgot my stuff so started again. I'm 6 years and counting... chronic. The most break I get is 2 weeks If that. Today is bad. I'm failing my family, can't walk when I get them, no insurance no oxygen, fuck... I'm so done hurting. People around me don't understand my poor husband he tries so much for me and my anxiety had me crying all day today because kay night was 3 hours which isn't too bad really. But I just wasn't it to stop.
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