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  1. I know Imperial College, London are conducting studies. Dr Robin Carhart-Harris, is the Head of the Centre for Psychedelic Research https://www.imperial.ac.uk/psychedelic-research-centre/research/ Psilocybin is not even allowed for research in the UK so I think for one study they sent people to Amsterdam, where it's available recreationally. https://qz.com/1918001/psychedelic-therapy-for-depression-is-on-sale-for-the-first-time/ If a slow release Psilocybin pill (or regular dose) was available a bunch of us Clusterheads/Migrainers could travel there, pop the pill and be home in time for dinner at little cost!...I plan on doing that anyway but really there needs to be a Worldwide online resource that diagnosed CH patients can record their treatments into, that other patients & doctors could access (AI will surely be of help if we had all the patient data) -The Russian version of Sumatriptan's contain derivatives of DMT in them so that might be worth a look? The UK Sumatriptan for (CH's) market is an endless money pit which doesn't help everyone & long term is no good. Alternatives are much needed. Thanks for looking out for us, glad someone is trying to put it all together. Good day J!
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