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Obsticle course


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Guess you have heard about the terrible thing that happened in Norway. Sad sad day. Horrible and frightening. The hole country is in shock.

My father is out of the hospital. So things have calmed down a bit now. The other day i spendt in the hispotal with a close friend, she`s also better now.

My daughter`s room is now finished, it`s a lovely room now. I have done it all from scratch, ripped it apart and rebuild it. One he.. of a job, but worth it. She will be home in two days, so i`m really excited to see her reaction :)  Strangely enough, painting didn't trigger any attacks.

Last night i was dreaming about obstacle courses. Walking from one room to another, every room had a new route. I found the routes difficult and hard, but i managed to reach goal, then i "unlocked" a new room and route. Think that means i`m doing good despite of all the things going on in my life right now. Came to think of it the other day, when your not in pain, how much easier everything is. It has been very busy days now, facing different challenges. But i followed Scotty's advice, i painted the sheep's, they didn`t look that scary all of the sudden ;D Take the neck problems f ex, i haven`t had that terrible neck in months, it used to be a part of my daily life. That "problem" alone is enough for most people to get distracted. I was sort of used to it, but have to say, when it`s gone, what a difference it is....

What i`m trying to say is that i can experience life and it`s obstacle routes and manage. There`s "room" for everything now. And that means i do good for sure, increased capacity.

In the end of the day i feel lucky, i am lucky. We are lucky, cause we decided to be in charge of our own lives and we have decided to make our own choices. Cause we can. That makes us lucky.

Thank you everyone, i feel lucky and it`s cause of you!!

PFW to all


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Makes alot of sense what you are saying, this is a great way of thinking.

Sorry to hear about the horrible events in Norway, my sister did an exchange in Norway for one year and I know that it's country and its people are beautiful, but I know they are a strong nation who stick together and I know that you will come out of this stronger.

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