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  1. Being in that room, being here and now, acknowledge and acceptance of own feelings around felt physical pain is to me not suffering and does not mean psychological suffering either, it is one of the chocolate pieces in life and it fascinates me how we can move from one room to another like that. It`s beautiful, CH has changed me and makes me want to be a better person Weatherman, that song was beatiful Thank you for sharing both thoughts and song Love and PFW to you all Hug from me Tingeling
  2. Hi Once in awhile i think we all get some thoughts and feelings that are hard to describe. Once in awhile i find myself in a place where i get this feeling of something, life maybe, i don`t know. Life and death. Inside in that room i`m not sure how long i`m gonna live. Or more how long my head will last me. It seems to me allot of CH`ers get heart attack. Maybe from the triptans we used, but i`m not sure, i think maybe it`s one of the CH "system failures". When your full of all kinds of symptoms, and most of them are felt in the head i wonder is it a matter of time before the blood vessels
  3. It is a light you put into your ears, like reg earphone. I use it on a reg basis. Not sure about spectrum and lux, but reg daylight therapi has to be a certain spectrum so i guess this also is a special spectrum of light.
  4. I use ZMA as well, in shorter periods. Does something good, i agree Heilette, in the beginning i used it 12 min, now i use 6 min. I use it when i eat breakfast, around 7.30 in the morning. Hope your doing well They do treat migrain with this and have good results as well. Norway and Finland, none of us have much sun, so it`s good just for energy and mood elevation. CH steal energy as well so def worth it
  5. Hi Lately i used this one with great success, can read a little here http://www2.valkee.com/uk/evidence/science/. Not saying it will help anyone else but for me it helps. It helps me wake up and fall asleep in a normal rhythm, instead of that Cluster vampire like rhythm. Everything that stimulates serotonin, melatonin levels could possibly help us. Anyways, maybe worth a try. Helps me PFWF me Tingeling
  6. Anything else than a mouthpiece is useless for me. So i guess it`s just what works.
  7. Sad sad news.... I never met him in person, but trough the board when i first joined CB and later emails i got to know him as a very helpful man with great knowledge and a big heart. It was good to read what PhilW wrote about Carl, it tells about a great man in a very loving way. Thank you. Rest in peace Carl Tingeling
  8. Thank you for the info!! Now i have a winter project
  9. I read about Reishi allot and find it very interesting. From what i read i understand it`s quality varies from the log it`s grown on. I found it to be difficult to grow high quality Reishi mushroom on my own. Do you know if there`s a good place to order Reishi extract?
  10. That`s just wonderful Thank you for sharing Hug from me Tingeling
  11. Went to the mountains in the rain today with some friends. Doc insists i can do triptans (OMG!!), but he do think this is heart cramp thing comes from triptans, but "just" side effects like he says. So if he tells me i can do more triptans, i can certainly go for a run. So yeah, i did and i was fine. I will just stay away from any stimulants like caffeine, Red Bull etc, it brings on more chest pain and make me dizzy, nausea and gives me s little fever. But it was ok today with a short run. I truly think this is just my time to go completely away from stuff like Red Bull etc., simply beca
  12. Hi I have become unable to dose. I actually had some heart problems, doc think it is side effect from the triptans i used. I cannot use O2, it cramp up my heart even more. But i`m out from high cycle today i think, wonderful. Went out and had a walk and some wonderful wonderful fresh autumn air. What i do from here i guess only time will show. What i`m thinking is i have routines for shitty days, bad periods or whatever that meets us in our daily life. I have routines that only have one goal, how to make me function the best way i can today. Often this can turn the day from being like
  13. CHfather is one wonderful man. Thank you for being here with us
  14. I was kicked out from a FB Clusterheadache group awhile ago, me and some fellow member in here. Have no clue why, but i suspect it has something to do with me suggesting busting all the time..... Haters gonna hate they say....
  15. Girlpower Dan, girlpower Thank you all, biiig hug
  16. I know i told this a hundred times, but i can`t stop the wondering. I came here suicidal, CH had ravaged me for 6 years, i was in such a poor physically and psychic condition. Not a therapist or doc could have denied the amazing effect from this treatment. But most important was all and is the love and support from all the board members over the years. During the competition i had the Clusterbusters energy with me. I had you constant in my mind, reminded me of what we've all been trough and managed. When we arrived, what met me was sponsored athletes who brought their own massage therapist
  17. It`s an honor to know all of you I finished heat 2 during a hit, i have to say, focus in mind is everything. What i think is amazing is that i actually tell people about this treatment now, and people accept it. Something has def changed, time changes and hopefully the tabu and stigma will go away in relatively short time. It seems to me it will. Let`s hope Glad to be here with you all. Thank you for the love and good energies :-* Go busters ;D Hug from me Tingeling
  18. Meeting others from the board is such a great experience. Happy for you all. Music is such a powerful tool. Thank you Love from me Tingeling
  19. Hi everyone :-* It`s been a long time, hope your all doing great! I have been training very hard for this competition and i just want to tell you how a chronic CH`er attended an international Crossfit competition during high cycle, thanks to busting. Attended Fit as Fu*k in a team of 3, to men and 1 woman. I`m from Norway and 18 countries was represented from all over the world. http://youtu.be/52CNPAuc2fs Three years (almost), after i started busting i haven`t done any shrooms in a year. Last time i busted with shrooms was before i went to the Chicago conference. After that i on
  20. Maca root it is. I will def try this out. Thank u for passing it on
  21. Time will show Jimmy, a stir is kind of a good sign, but anyways, it will most likely be fixed with a follow up bust. Just remember to give it time to settle first. All the best to you from me Tingeling
  22. Hi Where are u from? Scandinavia or what? Try look into Shroomery, u willl get very quick reply to your answers there
  23. Hi Jimmy It is best to wait the 5-7 days. Bujt when things are bad theyr bad, sometimes it`s not possible to wait or nothing to wait for. As Carl once said to me, i rather take some of our medicine than go for the imitrex. True, cause that way you will just have to wait even longer before dosing and maybe have to deal with more than the ususal hits. So sometimes i just do what i have to do and dose. It may not be as effective as it could be detoxing from everything, but it will usualy take me a place where i can detox. Crush around 50 with a hammer, soak them for hole day if u can wait,
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