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  1. Yes!! I wish i could come, but my economie doesn`t allowe me this year. but i will attend next time:-) And i`m already looking forward to that. Slowly? No, not slowly i think, it`s not just up to him..... What i could understand hearing him, he done whatever he could have done at this point!! That`s one reason why i felt ashamed.... I`m leaning on another man`s job, doing nothing..... If i had any money, or getting any, he`s the one recieving it. Because if it wasn`t for that man(and the others with him), i wouldn`t typeing this:-) Again, what a man, and the same to those following his side!! AWESOME!!!
  2. We make common cause, I thank you humbly. My deepest RESPECT to ALL of you folks in here!!
  3. Can`t find the right words for this situation..... Maybe we can use this words: The pharmaceutical industry Society's prejudice, founded by the pharmaceutical industry But, we`re not giving it up!! are we?! Bob`s speech was a wake up call in my life. I felt ashamed, not even showing my face in this forum, looking on this man, standing up fighting the cause for us all. I felt like a coward, hiding for other prejudice. I want to stand for what i choose, the way to a worthy life. This shouldn't`t be necessary!!
  4. My deepest respect to Bob, and the others who`s on his side one the way. Thank you, clusterbusters saved my life, and now it has a face.
  5. Oh my...... this looks awesome!!!
  6. Thank you so much for that Gonna go on a holiday, along with many others (quit big strong men I`m not going now, in a while. Thank you so much for the concern though, really appreciate it
  7. tingeling


    Hello Gonna take a trip, LOL ;D If anyone`s living in Turkey, maybe pm me? Maybe it could be a good time to meet someone?
  8. Hi there Can you please tell what this means? And why you got electrocuted? DBS can be done for different reasons, is it mono or stereo? Did you have any complications right after surgery etc? (except from the headache off course...) You do as you as you wish now? Please explain a little? You don`t agree to what they suggest, or what do you mean? And what do they suggest? Everyone here are very friendly, helping people, wishing other`s well. But please, there are many details to consider here. That`s why people ask, so they can help out. Wishing you well, hope you post soon!!Â
  9. Does anyone know what the reason is, the weird dreaming?
  10. Hi Thank`s for sharing. I know how you feel, i think. and you lived with this for so many years! I been lying in my bed, totally at the edge. seeing myself the deepest place in hell, standing the last place without hot lava, barefoot,- feeling the end of satan's whip. my trust in the human race completely gone. Living with this does make most people disappear in the end. In my case at least. Nothing took the pain, not just a little! I laughed the devil at his face and said, come on- you can`t f***** kill me, show me the next trick! Bring it on!!! Because you can`t get me!!! That was the day it turned around, decided to try this. thinking what the h.... I started a new life, you can read my last posts if you feel like. In my opinion it`s not about doing something illegal or not. It`s about living or not in the end. In my case nothing preventive worked, this medicine did,- and i`m happy that i found it. I hope you can find you're way too. Hoping you will post, so we know how you are doing Best wishes from me
  11. All food high in sugars Fast carbs Processed food Aspartam, msg etc. Wheat Flour, everything unhealthy actually.....
  12. This is amazing..... Can`t he get another bol treatment? It`s sad.... Why is it that hard when they can all see the evidence how the medicin works?
  13. Actually been wondering about the same thing. nothing seems to take it. but this treatment has been the most efficient, takes it down to something you just can ignore. And today, day two after my last re dose, there`s nothing!!! ;D Verapamil, prednisonol and the other stuff doesn`t take my hits. So, this has been the first thing that not only first made the hits very weak, but now takes it all away!!! Amazing!!!!
  14. Hi Anyone know how this will effect LSD? I know they used it in psychic treatment. But i don`t know why, to calm down? but Ritalin do increase brain capacity.
  15. Someone with any experience on this subject? Or no kids in the future...
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