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  1. birdman

    Starting D3 regimen...

    Another awesome story for a D3 regimen. Awesome!!!
  2. birdman

    Home After 4 Hits and Almost being Killed

    I'm not to educated on much besides the mushiness and the vitamin d3 and even that is limited. Never was a science guy but will do some reading on the cannabis oil. First, I gotta kill this cycle before it kills me
  3. birdman

    Home After 4 Hits and Almost being Killed

    Glad to see you are upbeat. Once I get this damnable cycle behind me I would love to meet you. As I have stated before, I have only meet one other sufferer in person and it would be great to talk to someone again who knows the pain.
  4. birdman

    Home After 4 Hits and Almost being Killed

    I should have said I am a fellow Nyc res. I went to school at Hofstra and loved to hit the beach on weekends. Now if I could only get out of cycle.
  5. birdman

    Home After 4 Hits and Almost being Killed

    Wow, seems you have a lot to handle besides the CH and that's enough for anyone. As a fellow NYer I am sorry to say I heard about the accident which resulted in two fatalities, driver and passenger. I am so glad you had the strength and commitment to make the conference. I missed it as I am currently in cycle but it doesn't seem like you let that stop you. And that's a good thing. I finally got correctly diagnosed at Montefiore and credit them with saving my life as well. I hope you can continue your efforts and thanks for sharing!!
  6. birdman


    Good to know as nighttime seems to be my biggest issue lately. Heck, if you said sleeping velcroed to a wall I would try it. Hey, there's an idea. Lol
  7. birdman

    Proud of my self restraint

    Definitely a better mode of thinking for your neighbor. That's one down and a few billion more to go. Lolol
  8. As you mention sleeping with low levels of o2 I thought back to my previous wish. O2 pumping into the house like they say the casinos do. Set up in my bedroom would be great. Sorry, rambling. Enjoy the conference and please keep updating. Thanks jeebs
  9. birdman


    Always thought about the recline versus laying down thing. No recliner in the house but maybe tonight I will give the couch a try with my feet up. Can't hurt. Vent away vent away
  10. birdman


    I feel for you as I too am mostly now only experiencing nocturnal hits. Frustrated is a nice way to put it
  11. birdman

    Proud of my self restraint

    If I had a nickel for every time I said to someone that I get cluster headaches and hear, oh yeah, I've gotten them...I would donate all proceeds to a cure. I have only personally meet one other clusterhead in my almost 30 years of living with this. ONE!! I have to get to the conference one year
  12. birdman

    Temper temper temper

    It's not my temper that gets me it's my anxiety and lack of patience. The fact that we suffer like this in 2014 with all the medical research in neurology makes me insane. My calming mechanism, besides Ativan, is my faith, family and friends. Over and over till I'm through dancing with the devil.
  13. birdman

    Testosterone For Clusters

    Definitely please keep everyone up to date. It is a very interesting subject.
  14. Get the seeds, never hesistate. Like ever
  15. birdman

    This is hell!

    I am doing GREAT!!! Hope not to jinx it. Think about you guys and hope things are going well.