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  1. It`s not severe for me luckily. But it can be serious, but it is more common than people think records shows, the mild ones of course. Not sure if it`s severe long term DOM or a very very mild Rhabdo. Either way, i`m fine But lesson learned.
  2. Good for you!! Whatever reason, it`s just so nice I gave myself a mild degree of Rhabdo, so i really learned a lesson!! 2h of CrossFit when you never done it is really stupid thinking of it now But, at least i found a new hobby As a person wrote to me CPF, Chonic Pain Free
  3. F ex. What Norwgian humor is, i think would be so offending to folks from the states. Basically it`s just mocking other peoples characteristics and allot of sarcasm and irony. Really very cruel. Like f ex one of my best friends and i have a joke about me. Like "probably cause of the height and color". That`s like goes to about everything. "Why are you so funny? Probably cause of your height and color. I`m the little yellow one. Or "i don`t know, can`t see it, my eyes are to narrow". My guess is this is not funny to you, but most Norwegians will find it hilarious. Don`t ask me why, i`m yellow
  4. You have nothing to apologize for. That is my opinion. Tingeling
  5. They will go in the catgory Oriental. I actually won prizes with them both in the category "Best Oriental". I have one dragon, a Geisha and Koi fish. Oriental tattoo`s are balanced, that`s why i will have a Geisha and a dragon on the opposite sides.
  6. Well it`s not me, it`s your thoughts, so it`s you Halloween pic`s http://bustingting.blogspot.com/
  7. Hi Yesterday i attended a 2h long CrossFit workout. 2h doesn`t sound long but it is a tough workout. The type of exercises we had was killer ones. And i met a migraineur that got 12-18 attacks a month. When i met up everyone was told that if someone was wearing perfume they could just get the fu.. out. Perfume and workout didn`t belong together and it made some people really ill. It wasn`t like a regular class, it`s just people interested in CF working out and if your interested you can join. My point here is this. It`s almost 2 years since i started this treatment and i was veeery far from where i am now. There`s been allot more newcomers that joined our family here lately and i want to tell them how it is possible to change it all. I had 6 years with constant hits, one evey third hour lasting 3 h each. Day and night. There`s no break when it`s like that. No medicines worked for me, nothing worked. I was about to commit suicide, i had reached bottom, i was done, exhausted. You all know, no need to explain this. I found busting and my life has changed from living in pain and suffering to living it full trying to squeeze out every potential there is. It is possible, but it wouldn`t have been without this treatment. i get hit now and then and bla bla bla, but really, there`s nothing to complain about for me now. Believe in yourself, believe in faith and that you found this site and believe in making your own choices. Believe in yourself, release your potential. There`s pic`s from the workout in my blog. http://bustingting.blogspot.com/ Thank you all, it`s this family that got me to where i am now. Thank you, your the best!!! PFW to all Tingeling
  8. tingeling


    that is Why i bust... Sick and tired from that crap.
  9. I`m attending a 2h crossfit "custom" class tomorrow. Let`s hope i will make it.
  10. tingeling


    I think i`m one of many or most having CH that have thought that if there was drilled a hole in my scull that would release the pressure. I am a chronic that experienced getting hit day and night every third h. Nothing gave me relief. Who would have guessed something simple as 65 RC seeds or some tiny little mushrooms would let the "pressure" out and stop the hits from coming. Who would have guessed. Not me, i didn`t even believe it would be possible but i tried cause i thought what the he.. why not just do it anyway, i tried all these chemicals doc gave me. Like you i feared i would pass this on, wich i actually did. My little daughter got it. She`s ok, it`s under control with Melatonin and Benadryl and controlled diet etc. BUT as she grows older i know she will not have to suffer like i did. I don`t think i have to explain how that feels to anyone. In my opinion, the quickest way for you to get relief is to bust.
  11. tingeling


    Hi Welcome here Before you consider surgery, would you please consider busting? PainFreeWishes to you Tingeling
  12. You mean the new one they made with our hero from the site? I hear dec.
  13. I do 2 Benadryl every time i dose and it works as i experienced it. Good luck to you Tingeling
  14. All the best to Michael and you Ron Hi Matty!!!
  15. Carry on? what`s that? Anyway, when i have been flying to wherever, to my big surprise they have not wanted to even take a look on all my injections and medicines. One time i was to late and i had to go through security with all my liquids, they took away my shampoo and stuff but the 24 needles they didn`t even care about. You have to call the airline company and tell them you will bring special luggage, it may cost you a small amount of money, you get a note on you ticket that says you will carry it with you. That`s it.
  16. I will check up this book, i never read any books like that, i should. Thank you Thank you everyone for being here Tingeling
  17. Hi How do define a happy life? How to define a meaningful life? Is both one of the same? Are there certain criteria to go after, or are we to decide and define our own happiness and meaning in life? I wasn`t very happy before, i kept working to get happy. Everyday i said to myself "tomorrow will get better". After several years of slapping my face with this, i started to wait for next week, next month and even next year! Every day, week or month the headaches wasn't gone, i actually got very disappointed, and in the end very angry and frustrated. I really did my best to keep things as i wanted them to be, how it was before i got CH. After many years i realized this was like warfare against myself. I had to start a happy, meaningful life out from my current condition. Then i discovered something, i didn't know who i was, i didn't know what interests i had, i didn't have a clue where to put my feet's. Cause i didn't remember how it was to wake up without pain. So i found out i just had to start trying different activities. And i did, and that`s a different story to tell another time. Maybe i got CH instead of a person who maybe couldn't`t find this road. Could it be i needed CH so i could learn how to appreciate life? Maybe there`s no meaning at all. Or maybe i can decide what or why. I choose the last one. How to live and what to fill my life with is my choice, everyday. Cause i`m in control over my own mind, i choose, i decide. Some days i choose to feel sadness cause i need that sometimes, i allow myself. I allow myself to feel my feelings the way they are. I think i accepted my condition and it doesn't feel as throwing in the towel and give up. It feels like victory. It is to me. I love the cold air outside today. Sweet dreams to all Tingeling http://bustingting.blogspot.com/
  18. Hi Welcome here to your family Your life will take a positive turn now. Very happy youf ound this place. I`m a CCH, where nothing helped. Nothing. Before i found seeds, shrooms and energy drinks. Now i am in control and have rarely attacks and most shadows. But mostly nothing really, that also depends on how i eat and sleep, better i do that better i do in between a bust. Good luck and ask when you have a question My best wishes Tingeling
  19. I think Bejeeber`s the "Fecking" man!!
  20. Good luck, stay pain free!!!
  21. Hi Welcome to us When you have done your reading just ask us. Ask whatever you like. And remember, we`re always here. If you can`t sleep in the middle of the night, at that time it`s daytime where i am. Painfree wishes to you Tingeling
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