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  1. What a great man you are Bejeeber!!! Thank you for being here. And Ron, there`S a reason why people want to do things like this ofr you remember.
  2. Hi On my way home from Chicago i had a long long conversation with this woman who was in the production of the television show Survive. She asked me what i had been doing in Chicago. I told her i have a chronic disease and met with others like me". She was very surprised and wanted to know more. i told her briefly my first six years without diagnose, my way from there to present time. And CB. "WOW" was her response, and then she told me she had a good friend having Ch, and started to write down what might help him. Also she wanted to know about the psychological aspects, how to cope and live with this. She said to me "when i was in my early twenties i thought allot about my career and all the time i felt that other people didn`t do anything for me. Then i realized i didn`t do anything for myself or anyone else. I realized i needed to do things to get my life the way i wanted it. You understand that, that is good for you, better than you know". Then she asked me "if you never did get sick, if you could go in a time machine, what would you do"? I told her i would go see the world. All over the world, i would not worry so much about anything really and just live and explore the world, just exist. She then answered "well but your doing that now, you can`t go see the world in one day, you have to do piece by piece, like a puzzle, so your actually realizing what you dream of doing as a person not having a disease. And a person full of worries wouldn`t do that. How fantastic. Good for you". What a person, amazing person. I`m so grateful she said these things to me. Cause afterwards i have been thinking "wow yes"!!! How lucky we are to get to have conversations like this, we wouldn`t have if we never experienced CH. And she topped the hole thing by asking "so, what i need to tell my friend is Magic mushrooms"? Today i had visit from a girl i got to know many many years ago. Haven`t seen her for a long time now. She came in and was completely shocked and horrified over this patient they had in the ER. She works in the treatment unit in ER, she`s used to dramatic situations. But she was shocked, she told me nothing worked for this patient. I asked how the patient acted, since she was so horrified and my experience in ER is that they don`t care much..... She looked at me and said it was just so clearly this person was in horrible horrible pain and we couldn`t help. What she wandered about wich they didn`t understand was the fact that the patient refused any type of reg pain meds. After that day she started to ask doctors and older nurses thinking they been in ER for years and must have seen this before. She found ONE person who heard about CH before. ONE!! And everything she knew was O2 might do something. then she came to think of me. So today i showed her my OnDemand valve and talked about CH and what might help us. And i told about CB. LOL. Feeling very lucky today. Very lucky. CH is a door opener. Wishing everyone sweet dreams Tingeling http://bustingting.blogspot.com/2011/10/cindys-pics-chicago.html
  3. Ooooook, didn`t get Not4hire`s point here. BUT i got a good laugh of Todd`s ;D ;D
  4. Jeff!!! OMG!! That was a disgusting one!!!! ;D ;D
  5. Well.... Women are in control..... or what... lol ;D
  6. Well, bad move... baaad move...LOL ;D
  7. Finishing gym class today, this guy walks over staring and asking me "do i smell sweat to you"? No..... "Ok, so i didn`t like smell out the hole room, i felt like i couldn`t focuse really on lifting weights cause of my own sweat smell". Ok..... no i can`t smell anything.... "If i come closer"? Me backing at that very moment, nope, no smell!! Then all of the sudden, "well, what are you doing right now"? Well i\m very busy... bye bye..... What`s that all about? Do i stink and btw what`s your name!! OMG!!!
  8. LOL, good way to start this morning ;D
  9. tingeling


    Hi I would very much like to know who gave me that incredible gift in Chcicago. Just pm me or something. Thank you to the person who gave it. I appreciate it so much!! Thank you Thank you Hug from me Tingeling
  10. He gave me a huge bag of food!! See the pics here http://bustingting.blogspot.com/2011/09/day-two.html AND you should sign up
  11. Ron? No he hasn`t anything to say about this
  12. A "hitch" volunteer? Will i get paid for doing that? If so how much? ;D
  13. Think i will never get married, but if i ever get married i imagine some sort of accident in Vegas. Better not go there, cant risk something like that.
  14. tingeling


    Your are one of those peoples Jimmy. You are a wonderful man. Thank you for letting me get to know you. My best wishes to you and your wife
  15. What Dan said!! My best wishes!! How wonderful
  16. Well i can thank Jerry (CHFather) for that!! thank you Jerry
  17. I like or liked melted cheese, but moderation folks, moderation!! ;D Crackers and blue cheese is just wonderful, just such a huge trigger. Norwgian chocalate is wonderful too!! But that`s a huge trigger too. Glad you liked it!!! You guys kinda just dig in on everything don`t ya? Lucky. So happy to meet you all!! It was my best time ever Can i say "awesome applesauce"?
  18. http://bustingting.blogspot.com/ Can read about the herb here.
  19. USA have given melted cheese new meaning. I find looking at it now a bit difficult. Kind of a nausea feeling ;D Hope i can make it
  20. Just take one in the morning and one later on. But use it in shorter bouts, as with everything else.
  21. Hi you http://www.clusterheadaches.com/wwwboard/messages2/110213.html I always use this one. Kick`s ass!!! 8-) As goes for paranoia i have never experienced it during a trip, but we are different. That herb, i kinda forced that on everybody didn`t i.... lol ;D Good luck All the best wishes to you Tingeling
  22. Thank you Jerry Yeah suppose it could do something like that, something to consider.
  23. Checked out prices to Las Vegas. I can say almost 100% sure this is way too expensive. It costs me around 51300$ for just the ticket. My ticket to Chicago was 30210$, that`s a huge difference!!
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