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  1. Come on people, check out the blog!!
  2. If you don`t have a google account or similar, you need to make such an account
  3. Hi So this is my travel blog http://bustingting.blogspot.com/2011/08/my-travel-blog.html Follow me/us!! We could make it a group blog? Tingeling
  4. The waiting game is on! Exciting! Good luck
  5. Hi I have made a blog... Was thinking how fun it was to see pictures last year, when i wasn`t there. So, i will maybe make some parts entirely private, only for us to see. What you people think about that? Any suggestions or ideas, let me know. Looking forward to do my first posts there, not so long now!! Go busters Tingeling
  6. tingeling


    This is wonderful to read liqorice extract, who would have guessed. Happy for you!! May it continue, my best wishes Tingeling
  7. That`s a tatto of a Geisha yes How odd, on my computer i have my old picture, online on my phone it`s the tattoo. Why?Hmmm...
  8. Hi Welcome Well, it`s sounds like CH too me. BUT, you found the most effective treatment for it early, so the good news is you probably do not have to suffer and will be able to be in control. Most suffer this for years before they get diagnosed. What have you been given as treatment? Tingeling
  9. Wow! Good for you, so happy to hear that! Thank you for sharing Enjoy life and summertime:)
  10. It`s a daylight lamp, i think it`s 10 000 lux. http://www.day-lights.com/us/bright-light-therapy/index.html I use it in the morning, as the Melatonin "turn" into Serotonin when exposed to light. That is why i do take Melatonin in periods. Some periods i do not take Melatonin and just use the light. It take some time for some to get a noticeable effect, but for me it work pretty fast. It takes around two three days and i can feel the effect starting to wear off. This light together with the right type of food and exercise, i imagine myself that i can help my brain to produce a more balanced and right chemistry. I truly believe in "you are what you eat and do", cause everything we eat and do will give us a chemical reaction. Not saying this light will fix it all, but everything all together will help me keep the chemistry settled right after busting have made it balanced again.
  11. I use light therapy almost everyday. It seems my body prefer to not funtion well at daytime and very well at night time. I turne it around by using this light and a energy drink or Taurin capsules early in the morning and melatonin and Benadryl at night time. To me this works wonder.
  12. Heat is a HUGE trigger to me as well. Driving a car is a major one also. Driving, in a warm car on a warm day, well, it takes about two-three minutes before the first signals comes. Of course, all windows open, an energy drink, a bottle of cold water and a cooling element. Like those you have to cool food with somewhere on your body. LOL ;D Well, helps a bit. AT the gym, i have a huge fan blowing directly at me and drink three or four 0.7 l bottles of water. Two Taurin capsules and one ice cold energy drink and then spin like h... on a spinning bike, work excellent. If i get too hot very sudden, i buy something really cold and cool down my wrists and head and chew a water ice cream or two.
  13. She loves her new room, and the chandelier.... she was just so happy about it. Thanks for asking
  14. Hi In my gym, there`s a blind lady i meet regularly. She`s a sweet person, we talked here and there, we both have kids being the same age. Being ill or blind or whatever, i think we go trough many of the same emotional stuff. One period when i was very ill, i felt very small and insignificant to this world, as if i was invisible. Also cause no one can look at a CH`er and know about our disease maybe. A blind person must feel very invisible to the world sometimes. Cause of that, i always said "hi it`s me" and in the beginning i said who it was. In case she didn`t recognise my voice. Yesterday she all of the sudden told me this "i always appreciated a great deal that you always said hello, you know, it is very easy to walk right past me. And people do it all the time. I know it, and i don`t think they even think i do". That really made my day!! It really meant allot to me, i appreciated so much that she told me this. Once again it also shows me that experiencing CH have made me a better person. I`m not sure i would think it trough the same way before. To be honest, i think i would have been in a hurry and too "busy". Been out today in town, Tallships Race is in my town these days. But, we been sitting down listening to some travelling Indians playing music. So nice. Magic Have a wonderful day everybody PFW to all Tingeling BTW, Why can`t i upload pic`s when i use the insert image button thingy?
  15. Agree, i met one. Another CB member from Norway. It will be great!!
  16. Hi Guess you have heard about the terrible thing that happened in Norway. Sad sad day. Horrible and frightening. The hole country is in shock. My father is out of the hospital. So things have calmed down a bit now. The other day i spendt in the hispotal with a close friend, she`s also better now. My daughter`s room is now finished, it`s a lovely room now. I have done it all from scratch, ripped it apart and rebuild it. One he.. of a job, but worth it. She will be home in two days, so i`m really excited to see her reaction Strangely enough, painting didn't trigger any attacks. Last night i was dreaming about obstacle courses. Walking from one room to another, every room had a new route. I found the routes difficult and hard, but i managed to reach goal, then i "unlocked" a new room and route. Think that means i`m doing good despite of all the things going on in my life right now. Came to think of it the other day, when your not in pain, how much easier everything is. It has been very busy days now, facing different challenges. But i followed Scotty's advice, i painted the sheep's, they didn`t look that scary all of the sudden ;D Take the neck problems f ex, i haven`t had that terrible neck in months, it used to be a part of my daily life. That "problem" alone is enough for most people to get distracted. I was sort of used to it, but have to say, when it`s gone, what a difference it is.... What i`m trying to say is that i can experience life and it`s obstacle routes and manage. There`s "room" for everything now. And that means i do good for sure, increased capacity. In the end of the day i feel lucky, i am lucky. We are lucky, cause we decided to be in charge of our own lives and we have decided to make our own choices. Cause we can. That makes us lucky. Thank you everyone, i feel lucky and it`s cause of you!! PFW to all Tingeling
  17. Hi My mom had her first chemo therapy this friday and my father got into the hospital today. He had cancer in his stomach, don`t know exactly what`s causing problems right now. I have a brother and a sister, my sister`s on vacation and my brother will be soon. Difficult this situation, not really sure what to do. Been painting my daughters room today, actually it didn't trigger ch. This morning i realized i was feeling afraid of the painting, lol, i`m serious, i`m seriously afraid of painting. Not so much of the water based ones anymore, but just thinking of oil based out door paint gives me chills on my back, yuck!! So now you folks know i`m afraid of sheep's while hunting and paint. Now i've been painting and soon hunting season starts, meeting my fears. LOL...... Ok now i`m rambling, just needed to vent a bit.... Thank you for listening, what would i do without you folks PFW to all Tingeling
  18. Come to conference!! I`m travelling from Norway to Chicago, hoping to meet as many as possible!! True words, this treatment make us rise from the depths of hell, you couldn't have said it better.
  19. Hello Norway!! Welcome!! I`m from Norway, so happy to see others from Norway too Feel free to pm me, we can exchange tlf numbers and talk if you want I`m one of the chronics who got my life back. Was excperiencing 4-9 hits a day for 6 years, now after busting i`m not bothered anymore, just every now and then. Amazing or what?! We should talk, i would really like that And maybe i could help you out as well. Painfree wishes from me. Tingeling
  20. I use spinning class to abort attacks and shadows. But you really need to give it all. One can of energy drink and bring lots of cold water and start pedaling. Works for me and also make my days better in general, maybe cause you get higher o2 levels in your blood etc, don`t know but more i exercise, better i feel.
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